These post series will help you to make Vietnam visa in the fastest and easiest ways.

You might think of the most common way. That’s to bring your passport to the nearest Vietnamese Consulate of Vietnamese Embassy and leave there several days. You will come back some days later, pay some fees and get Vietnam visa. However, we must say that this way cost you too much time and risk. You spend time on the way to the embassy and back. Risk is also available if you drop your passport on the way.

There are some different way. One is that we make Vietnam visa on Arrival. We Mekong Trails prepare visa for you at the airport and you just come to the table on the instruction guide. And you just ask to stick the visa to your passport. Another way is that we will instruct our travelers to apply evisa. We just receive that at email and print out and say “it’s done”. It’s quite simple, isn’t it?

Should you have any question or request on this procedure, please drop us an email. Because, we are happy to help.

But first, enjoy reading.


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