Your plan is mostly to come to Mekong Delta, and we strongly recommend to visit floating market. This is because it is Vietnamese authentic, special and really unique.

You might have heard about Thailand floating market. However, this is far much different. The one in Thailand is just arranged to show international travelers the diversity of Thailand fruits. So, travelers come there and buy fruits and enjoy a fun day.

The ones in Mekong Delta are different. This is originally for local people and even now it is mostly for local people only. Mekong Delta is a wet land where every house has a boat. As a result, they gather together on the river to exchange fruits and vegetables and other stuff for daily life. Then, travelers if coming there just only to take photos and say wow. There is a big crow on the river with fruits and vegetables planted from their garden.

Come and you never say sorry. Enjoy reading and if you think you want to go there, just tell us and we do the rest of everything.



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