Dalat Cycling Vietnam: Discover the color of romance

It is very difficult to talk about all attractive factors of Dalat, because this city contains lots of beauty and mysteries. To figure out its prettiness of nature and people, you should take Dalat Cycling Vietnam tour right now!

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“The city of love and nostalgia”, “the heaven of flowers” are some nicknames of Dalat city, which inspires many poets and musicians. If you feel stressful with your work-life balance, it’s time to take a break and go straight to Dalat, a hill station city used for French at their time of colonization.


The featured beauty of nature in Dalat Cycling Vietnam

Although Vietnam has tropical climate with hot and moist whether in almost all areas, Dalat is distinctive because it’s located in Lang Biang highland in the west. For those who are looking for the place to avoid scorching sun and scurrying life, Dalat is the best selection which can release your stress by its natural charm. Dalat is also well famed thanks to its colonial architecture as it was a hill station for French people. Therefore, it’s advised to put Dalat Cycling Vietnam tour on your must-visit list whenever coming to this Southeast country.

When doing Dalat Cycling Vietnam, you will inevitably come across Xuan Huong Lake – an artificial lake located in the center of the city which gives a strong savor of romance. It can be said that every ways here will finally lead you to this lake like the fact that everything is just the love from the bottom of your heart in the end. Apart from Xuan Huong, you can cycle to Lake of Sorrow to experience where this name comes from.

If you want to know why Dalat has become an endless inspiration for artists, as well as people falling in love, let’s make cycling tour to Love Valley. With limitless pine forests, up-and-down hills and deep valleys, it’s an ideal place for honeymoon or making proposal. It’s so wonderful to cycle around Love Valley with your sweetheart, go through pine forests down to waterfalls and streams in deep valley; then, saying to him or her: “Will you marry me?” Whether the answer is “yes” or “no”, it will be a marvelous memory.

Dalat Cycling Vietnam

A cross between Vietnam and Alp of French

Many foreigners have a strong feeling of something very familiar with themselves when starting Dalat Cycling Vietnam tour. The architecture of Bao Dai Summer Palace, Dalat Railway Station, Hang Nga guest house, Domaine de Marie Church, Truc Lam Monastery or even normal houses of residents are all reflect the style of westerners, as a result of French colonization. Therefore, Dalat Cycling Vietnam to these places to witness historical evidence is a great chance to get knowledge and have an emotional nostalgia about its heyday.

Dalat Cycling Vietnam

The tourists who would like to relax fully and feel peace in mind can cycle to Truc Lam Monastery. Among the colorful bloomy garden here, you can easily do meditating and forget all disturb things in modern busy life. In that time, Dalat style and soul have become a part of yours.

To end a day of Dalat Cycling Vietnam, it’s a good idea to shopping at night market to buy souvenirs for your family and friends. At there, any stuff things can be found, from strawberry jams to scarfs and socks so that tourists can spend huge amount of money and time for it.

Dalat Cycling Vietnam

There will never be sufficient to talk about the beauty of Dalat city, unless you find out it on your own. What is more, a suitable bike will surely become your awesome partner.

dalat cycling trip

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