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This is another series of posts about traveling in Vietnam. It tells you what are great, what are deep and how to make it best. It might also describe what are not good, and what are not up to your style.

Read these and discover what should be best for your trip to Vietnam. If you think our Vietnam Travel Guide is the prime interest of your trip, then these post are much more helpful to you.

We are local Vietnamese and we are not sure what impressive to you most about the culture in Vietnam. We just try best to show you what we think the true authentic and you might want to know before your travel. So, we are happy to receive your questions. Please contact us to make better preparation for your trip to a country of deep culture.

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Vietnam evisa

Vietnam evisa is the latest type of applying visa to Vietnam. It is also the most convenient process to get a visa for travelling to Vietnam to date. Note: If you have passport of the following countries, you might not need any…

Vietnamese airlines review – the completed zoom

Let’s have a look at our Vietnamese airlines review to understand airlines insides Vietnam before booking for your Vietnam trip. We here have three airlines and one flight service company: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Jetstar Airways and…
best beaches in Vietnam

What are the best beaches in Vietnam?

Vietnam has many top beaches among Asia. So, don’t miss this in your itinerary. Learning the best beaches in Vietnam will help you to make a great Vietnam journey. All of you seem to know about Vietnam with Hanoi, Saigon or the Old Town of…
Personalized tours to Vietnam

Best time to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia are on the same peninsula named Indochina and then share the same weather. It is also convenient for travelers to continue to the other country after going thru one country. So, the most common question travelers ask is…

What can be seen along Ho Chi Minh Trail

History of Ho Chi Minh Trail Ho Chi Minh Trail is the name of the road system built by North of Vietnam at the Vietnam War. The function of the road is for North of Vietnam to support National Liberation Front in the South Vietnam…

Things to do in Hanoi

Things to do in Hanoi is a detail introduction for any who plan to visit this city. In this deep look, you can find the information of which destinations to visit, what area to focus, which food is the best, etc. Read it and you can make a…
Le Thang The

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh city

We would like to introduce the best things to do in Ho Chi Minh City with most completed details. This practical information can be great visiting sites you can’t miss. Else, you can find great food to eat when traveling to this special city. General…

How to travel in Vietnam after Covid-19 safely

How to travel in Vietnam after Covid-19 is a big question that we have much frequently received from our clients. We would like to write about how we ensure that hygiene, contact and cleaning standards which are compliant with travel industry…
Vietnam New Year

What you need to know if your trip is around Vietnam New Year?

This is important to know when planning a trip to Vietnam around Vietnam New Year. What is Vietnam New Year? Vietnam is a country which is rich in the cultural tradition. If you have an opportunity to visit such country during the traditional…
Private tour

How do you start to plan your Vietnam tour?

The following post is to provide some advises for any to prepare the Vietnam tour and to make it one of the greatest experience of your life. Define what you need in your Vietnam tour? First you need to define which type of trip you are looking…
Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam adventure

Trues and lies in advertisement about private Vietnam tours

When booking private Vietnam tours, you might face commitments from travel advisors. Knowing what are right and what are not right is great to set your expectation and make your trip in Vietnam the most satisfactory. Trues on private Vietnam…

Revealed: Why we Mekong Trails focus on personalized tours to Vietnam

There should be some reasons why our company Mekong Trails focuses only on personalized tours to Vietnam. Reading the following and you will find the reason why our slogan under the logo is “for personalized travel request”. 1. Someone…