Expertise of the team

Hoang and Long, the co-founders of the team are of 10 years of tour guiding around Vietnam, give or take. Viewing the tour programs from the need of travelers, as well as being able to manage the plan B in a short time, are within the control of the men.

Customization & Personalization

The tour templates are just frame for massive trips we often service. Tell us your need and we can with ease design the different one for you. Even you don’t know what you want, but definitely not the available ones, just simply tell us you want something different. We then know what to offer you.

Off the beaten track

Either of us have around ten years in traveling around Vietnam. And we are fed up with the regular things we have done for over haft of that time. We design the off the beaten track trips for your discovery, and also for the refreshment of our travel lives.

Responsible travel spirit

That’s a wide range from preserving genuine appreciation of the place beauty, showing full cross-cultural understanding, planning community benefit programs, to sharing a piece of the tour cost to places in need. The spirit has also shaped the contact we have with our suppliers and colleagues. See responsible travel policy from Mekong Trails team.

Equipment support

Never mind if you want to cycle somewhere but you don’t want to bring your bike along the trip. We organize those for you. The same for a DSRL camera with special lens for your own purpose of photographing: you can have it from our little arrangement. What else you do need, tell us!.

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