Highland Vietnam Cycling

Dalat Vietnam cycling

Have you ever heard about legend epics of central Vietnam, which are hidden in the majestic landscapes as well as the cultures of ethnic minorities here? Let’s make Highland Vietnam Cycling to have the most vivid experiences!

Contrary to the busy and bustle of big cities, Vietnam highland has a distinguished natural beauty with gigantic ranges of mountains, endless green forests, featured villages of residents, etc. Therefore, Highland Vietnam Cycling is an ideal choice for those who are adventurous and reckless.


Spectacular spots of Highland Vietnam Cycling

Dalat – the city of love

Highland of Vietnam has 5 provinces, located in the west and central of this S-shaped country. The most popular destination for tourism is Dalat city of Lam Dong, which is considered the dreamy city for people into the mood for love. The cool weather all year round here makes us come near to each other, so many tourists accompany with their fiancé to visit this place.

Dalat Vietnam cycling


All aspects of this city are gentle and charming, from the lifestyle to the scenes. It is one of the reasons why there is no need to have any traffic lights, as well as the fact that people like using bicycle instead of motorbike. In this eternal spring highland city, you will have a chance to make Highland Vietnam Cycling around Xuan Huong Lake, visit Love valley, strawberry gardens, or enjoy lots of delicious food like baked ricepaper, for instance.

Ethnic village – the mountainous soul

There are more interesting and magnificent features that you are still unclear about the wonderful highland of Vietnam, and Highland Vietnam Cycling will bring a great deal of memories and feelings to you. Although the other towns in Vietnam highland such as Buon Me Thuot, Kon Tum, Pleiku don’t have enough convenient services for travelers, their unspoiled prettiness of nature and ethnic minorities will be your unforgettable memories.

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With a bike, you can easily pass by villages with stilt-houses of Bahnar, Ede, Jarai and other dozens of minorities to greet them warmly and participate in local daily activities. For example, friendly people here may lend you an elephant to ride around the village, or take you to a cruise on Lak Lake with a dug-out canoe. Thus, 2-3 days staying in local villages will be a great idea for Highland Vietnam Cycling.

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Moreover, your Vietnam cycling plan should include tours throughout up-and-down steep hills in order to witness people harvest cashew nut, green tea, black pepper, and especially coffee, which was named as the highland soul. Your trips would be meaningless if you didn’t stay overnight to experience about longhouse, communal house, and listen to epics told by village patriarch.


To prepare for Highland Vietnam Cycling

To figure out all attractive aspects of highland in just a week is impossible. However, a detailed plan for your route will be helpful to make your highland dream comes true. First of all, the difficulty of Highland Vietnam Cycling is rated moderate level, which means you need suitable skills and cycle well in sloping terrains. Furthermore, you should prepare equipment and know how to fix the bike whenever it is broken, because there may have no bicycle repair service on the mountains and forests.


An experience to contemplate the specialties of highland is communicating well with ethnic people and asking about anything eye-catching and allure. The people here are more than friendly and helpful, they consider travelers their friends and proud of sharing their cultures and traditions. Don’t hesitate to harmony with them!

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  1. mark
    mark says:

    Looks like an amazing experience visually and for fitness. Vietnam always looks so beautiful. I remember the guys on Top Gear did a motorcycle journey through Vietnam which looked amazing.

  2. Janna
    Janna says:

    I’ve never gone cycling before. I like that its fun but also good for you since its a form of exercise. I’m definitely interested in visiting the villages and sightseeing.

  3. Mags
    Mags says:

    I’m exhausted just thinking about this trip. It looks totally worth it though if I weren’t so embarrassing on a bike!


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