Vietnam Visa On Arrival (VOA)

It seems many people have concerns about achieving a visa to Vietnam. It’s not difficult, and there are some easy ways, too. Read the following information and you will have no worry about Vietnam Visa by making a Vietnam Visa On Arrival.

Vietnam Visa On arrival 4


Who will NOT need Visa:

(in condition of passport with validity at least 6 months and this entry is over 30 days versus the previous one)

    • French, Spanish, Italian, German, British, Belarusian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish passport holders travelling to Vietnam for any purpose within a period of 15 days.
    • All ASEAN passport holders gain 30 days of visa exemption (except Brunei does 14 days).
    • And some other complicated cases that you don’t need to read it hear, just ask us.

The rest will need a visa that can be made at your nearest Vietnam embassy or consulate. If you don’t like it, use our service of Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Vietnam Visa On arrival

What is Vietnam Visa On Arrival

      What to do:

  • You inform us some information needed.
  • You receive our documents, print them out and prepare some other items (listed below).
  • You join a queue at an airport or a land-port for getting a visa.

Land or not land

    • We can provide Vietnam Visa On Arrival at both airport arrival or land port entrance.
    • Service for Vietnam Visa On Arrival at land entrances takes more time and money a bit, because we should send you the original copy of invitation letter that confirmed by the authorizes with the original signature and stamp on it. We should send to you by airmail. So, it is estimated to do this at least 3 weeks before your arrival.
    • At the moment we can’t do this Vietnam Visa On Arrival service by any sea entrance.

Why is Vietnam visa on arrival

    • Secure your passport.
    • Get simple and less procedures.
    • Save your time

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How to apply Vietnam visa on arrival

Three steps:

  1. Send us the following  information.

  • What day you arrive and what day you will exit Vietnam.
  • What Airport will you arrive
  • Your full name as in the Passport.
  • Your nationality.
  • Your gender.
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Passport expiring day.

2. Receive our invitation letter and Vietnam visa application form, print out and prepare documents as follow.

  • Invitation letter hard copy.
  • Vietnam visa application form with all filling and one passport photo glued on it.
  • Cash USD 25 per person for stamping fee.
  • Your original passport.
  • Another passport photo.

3. Show your document at airport or landport and receive Vietnam Visa

And just that. Don’t hesitate to drop us some lines here or email us if you want to have more questions about Vietnam Visa On Arrival, and any other questions to prepare your experience here best it should be.

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Other Unrelated Information but you might want to know

    • There are no mandatory vaccination requirements.
    • The risk of malaria is slight here.
    • Dengue fever is a known risk in places visited.
    • Note for Noibai  Airport Arrival (in Hanoi): there are two exits from the Noibai airport. These gates are A1 and A2 which are only 20 meters away from each other. When you have got arrangement for airport pick up and you don’t see him, you might go out the wrong gate. The driver will be at the door indicated on the screen. Please check which door is the right one at some of the screens, or just check the other door.
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