Enjoy some of our travel stories around the focus of trekking adventures among your Vietnam tours.

You might notice that most of trekking tours in Vietnam take place in the North. This feature is true although the landscape in the South is not less beautiful. This is just because the temperature in the South is hot. Therefore, it’s not convenient at all for the hiking under the sun. It’s also the reason why most of the trekking trips in the South take place only in the national parks. In addition, the beautiful landscapes of terraced rice farms, the authentic local hill tribes with their distinctive culture are also great features for an amazing trekking experience in Vietnam.

In the North of Vietnam, at the places of mountainous areas, the temperature is cool enough. The culture of hill tribal people is so special. What is more, the terraced rice fields are worldwide famous. These are also the reasons why most of the travel planners will advise to have trekking trips in the North of Vietnam.

However, some trekkings across elephant villages happens in the highland Vietnam (central Vietnam). Traffic is not an advantage and not many travelers choose this. And it’s more than a reward, the place is very original for any discovery spirit.

If you still think of a lovely hiking in the South, we invite you to our rain forest and discover the diversity of flora and fauna here, plus meeting some moneys and deer and other lovely animals.

Should you have any question or request on such adventure experiences in Vietnam, please drop us an email. Because, we are happy to help.

But first, enjoy reading.


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