We would like to share with you the Vietnam war stories and facts we meet on the journey around Vietnam.

You might have hear a lot about the severe war in Vietnam, as well in Indochina. There are many books, TV series and movies about this. What you have read or heard are right, at some angles of view. However, there are many true things around there you have never imagined. And those are the real stories of war.

Our trips of battlefields have been here and there. We have been with great honors to be back to the old battle, with the veterans, at any party. It’s great to have time with great moments to recall the memory. Our groups have met old people, seen war site and heard deeper stories told by the very person of war. We will tell them out here when we have time.

Should you have any question or request on the stories, please send us a message. This is because, we are happy to help you.

But first, enjoy reading.


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Cuchi tunnel the guerrilla war amazing system

The Cuchi tunnel general information The Cuchi tunnel locates 70km North of Saigon and is an immense network of over 250 km of tube underground for the guerrilla fighting technique of Viet Cong against American troops and South Vietnam Army.…

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