Mekong cruise Vietnam Cambodia – the elegant cruise

To entirely discover the true beauty of Vietnam and Cambodia, making Mekong cruise Vietnam Cambodia is one of the most awesome choices for foreigners. Now, bring your backpack and I will take you on a cruise!



Mekong cruise Vietnam Cambodia

Mekong cruise Vietnam Cambodia – cruise on the chosen land

Start the journey of Mekong cruise Vietnam Cambodia with a warm-up question, how much do you know about Mekong River? For your initial information, our mighty Mekong River floods two-thirds of the delta which provides more than 2 crops of rice a year. It’s also known as the biggest delta on over Vietnam, where most of the inhabitants live on agriculture. If you travel at the harvest time, you will easily see the farmers are burning rice stalks in the fields after the harvest to prepare for the new one. The field becomes the ideal place for kids to fly kites. If the harvest time is not at your cruise, the yellow should be replaced by a vast green of endless rice farms. Then the beauty is just different, not less at all.

Initial information is also that fruits and fishes also find Mekong the great place to grow up, and then your Mekong cruise Vietnam Cambodia will go along fruit gardens, fish farms, flower gardens, maze of canals with great fertile mud for the agriculture to develop.

Mekong cruise Vietnam Cambodia – connect the beautiful towns

Your Mekong cruise Vietnam Cambodia starts at Ho Chi Minh City. After exploring and shopping enough, you can start to embark on your ship at My Tho – a city very near HCMC, where the Mekong River is very wide. You will arrive at Cai Be in the next morning. It’s can be called an ordinary Vietnam town, with no remarkable sights and none of the tourist intrusions of the coast. However, if you are looking for a glimpse at Mekong people daily life, this place is highly recommended.

At this town, you can communicate closely with residents on wooden boats. There are beautiful places where hundreds of boats gether on the river surface for bartering goods. We call them floating markets. Boats are houses and also business mean.  The goods are advertised by samples dangling overhead on long wooden poles at every boat, This helps you easily to choose and buy what you are lookong for. After experiencing this great local feature, you can visit some places such as French-era church, sweetie factory. The most remarkable one is the coconut factory where local people produce toffee by a way you never can imagine.

On the next day, Sa Dec will welcome you to another local life at the riverside market. You will find strange tropical fruits sit in pyramids of colour, more surprisingly, fish are descaled in buckets of water. Across some women’s shoulder see he panniers of goods. All things seem overwhelming.

When changing the pace to the capital of Cambodia – Phnom Penh, don’t forget to visit the beautiful royal palace, and Killing Fields. Last but not least, the final village on your itinerary is Angkor Ban, one of the few not destroyed under the Khmer Rouge regime. At this place, you will be taken for a blessing by Buddhist monks at the riverside temple. It is also a chance for you to look back and purify your soul to find the true value of life.

Mekong cruise Vietnam Cambodia

Travel and Zen have a lot of common characteristics. They help a lot in your inner peace, especial culture travel like Mekong cruise Vietnam Cambodia. It isn’t very much, just an opportunity to meet and get familiar with new things in life? Maybe it’s not as much luxurious and premium but I’m sure it’s ample memorable and happy for you and your beloved one. Don’t hesitate to make a cruise for your life time memory!

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  1. Travelling Dany
    Travelling Dany says:

    We’ve been thinking about visiting Vietnam for quite a while now but we never once thought about a cruise, it’s such an awesome idea and we’re immediately bucketlisting it!

  2. Megan Jerrard
    Megan Jerrard says:

    A Mekong cruise throughout Vietnam and Cambodia does sound like the best way to experience the region. Re your warm up question, I really don’t know much about the Mekong River at all. So I learnt a lot from your article – I would love to take a cruise during harvest time, to see the farmers burning rice stalks in the fields.

    Visiting a floating market is one of my life goals, so I love that these are set in towns along the Mekong. A visit to Angkor Ban in Cambodia sounds quite special. Definitely a cruise I would like to go on.

  3. Gokul
    Gokul says:

    I am totally going for that cruise when I get to Vietnam. I heard a lot about the Mekong river. It would be great to see the river in person.

  4. mark wyld
    mark wyld says:

    Looks like an amazing adventure. I love the fact that you get to stop along the way at the authentic villages for such an experience. I recently watched a travel show on such a cruise

  5. knycx.journeying
    knycx.journeying says:

    It’s fantastic to experience the Vietnamese culture and tradition spending time on a boat and travel down the Mekong River. It looks like a great place to enjoy some peace and quiet on the boat and witness the life of the fisherman. Thanks for the post! @ knycx.journeuing


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