Vietnamese airlines review

Let’s have a look at our Vietnamese airlines review to understand airlines insides Vietnam before booking for your Vietnam trip. We here have three airlines: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Jetstar Airways and Hai Au Aviation. The following information will focus on those domestic airlines.

Vietnam Airlines – Vietnamese airlines review

Vietnamese airlines review

Vietnam Airlines is used to be the largest airlines in Vietnam. However, last year number has shown that it only takes the second position. Vietnam Airlines still remain as the operator with the most coverage routes insides Vietnam. You can easily find this airlines at most cities with airports in Vietnam.

Vietnam Airlines has the most expensive price among airways in Vietnam. Thanks to this, it has the cleanest airplanes. Food can be delivered freely at the flights covering lunch and dinner time. Service is considered the most accepted. And the most important factor for a tour arrangement is also available here. This airline has the lowest possibility of delaying. Imagine if a flight is delayed 6 hours, that day tour should be broken.

Vietnam Airlines use Airbus 321 and Boeing 747 for the flights from one to two hours. The flights under 45 minutes are with ATR 72 which has no business class at all.

Vietjet Air – Vietnamese airlines review

Vietnamese airlines review

Vietjet Air is a new comer among the Vietnamese airlines faces. It soon became the largest airlines in Vietnam in term of sales. This is thanks to its price in average 30% lower than Vietnam Airlines. You can find this airline the most popular in Vietnamese biggest airports like Tan Son Nhat Airport (Hochiminh City), Noi Bai airport (Hanoi city) or Danang Airport (Danang City). You will not find this at small airports. They only want to harvest the low hanging fruits.

You can also find the airplanes are often old and with smells. There are food trolleys back and forth to sell you meals and snacks. You even can purchase souvenir and other tourist’s stuffs. The most uncomforted thing about this airline is the fame of delaying. It can delay a flight 12 hours and this is a terrible thing for your Vietnam tout itinerary. In the flights with Vietjet Air, we occasionally find argument at the checking tables or boarding gates. The long delaying flights without a proper explanation make people easy to get angry.

Many people complain this airline, but it still becomes the largest airlines in Vietnam for a short time, because the price is so tempted. It’s still very safe anyway.

Jetstar Airways – Vietnamese airlines review

Vietnamese airlines review

Jetstar is a subsidiary of Vietnam airlines in the section of cheap price tickets. Its prices are much cheaper than Vietnam airlines. Nevertheless, it does not find good name as cheapest airlines line Vietjet Air. Anyway, Jetstar Airways is still great choice when you don’t have any other flight to choose for your great experience of Vietnam holiday.

When checking the tickets of this airline at airports, you still should check in at its tables of Jetstar Airways, even though this airline belong to Vietnam Airlines.

Hai Au Aviation – Vietnamese airlines review

Hai Au is not a popular flight operator in Vietnam. Its ambition is big, but now it only serves the flight by seaplane from Halong Bay to Noi Bai airport (Hanoi) and vice versa. This is one of the most amazing experience for travelers after or before cruising at Halong Bay. The ticket of the flight is also the most expensive among all in Vietnam. For some information of this flight, please see our personalized experiences in Vietnam.

There will be more airlines will come to operate insides Vietnam. At the time of this post is written, there is another airline named Bamboo Airways is licensed. Hope you can choose your best flight for your Vietnam experience thanks to our Vietnamese airlines review. If you need any further assistant of airplanes and other related information in Vietnam, please drop us an email. We are glad to offer free help.



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