Vietnam Cycling Challenge at big cities

Big cities in Vietnam have the contrast beauty that is unbeatable with other places on around the world. Besides many advantages we have showed you in the previous post, Vietnam Cycling Challenge at big cities also give some rationales to foreigners who want to figure out their coming trip to the country on their own.

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If you are going to make Vietnam Cycling to Hanoi, Saigon, Danang or other big cities, you have to prepare carefully from money and facilities to physical and mental issues. These below information are something you should bear in mind before the trips.


Disadvantages of Vietnam Cycling Challenge at big cities

The biggest problem of most Vietnam big cities that dissatisfies tourists is transportation system. The locals may spend about 50 minutes just driving for 10 kilometers from their houses to workplaces by motorbikes, let alone travelers with their bicycles. In rush hours, you could encounter massive crowds moving hard like ant colonies on most main roads. Bike is not a popular vehicle because people prefer motorbike which can go faster and easily rival the others to come first. Thus, there is a jocular comparison that big cities as Saigon or Hanoi are the boxes with no room to breathe. Are you frightened by this statement?

Vietnam Cycling Challenge

On the other hand, safety is the next matter that foreigners worry about when making Vietnam Cycling Challenge at big cities, especially when many incidents have recently happened. Moreover, pickpocket, snatch and grab groceries are serious troubles which still remain unsolved. Not only is your money stolen by thefts, but it is also grasped by some scamming travel agents aiming to cost you with predatory services.

These are some reasons why many tourists feel afraid of Vietnam Cycling Challenge at big cities, so they tend to choose visiting the countryside instead, or even do not intend to return in the future. This sad fact has affected the exposure of the city charm from the slow pace of bikes. Therefore, in place of avoiding busy and bustling route and time, you should make careful research and ask for recommendations of friends in order to enjoy your Vietnam Cycling Challenge comfortably.

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Some advises to overcome these Vietnam Cycling Challenges

In comparison with the disadvantages of Vietnam Cycling Challenge at big cities, the blended beauty of multiple cultures and modernity as well as the passion for discovery is much more valuable.  Some advices below will partially help you get over anxiety:

  • Plan your route carefully: A specific plan with suitable timeline will help you cycle conveniently to explore many allure places. Moreover, this plan will also work whenever unexpected situations happen.
  • Keep calm to deal with emergencies: What would you do if your bike was broken? Where is the place to refill smartphone battery? There are many emergent problems need you to solve, so keep your mood stable to overcome.
  • Be careful with your belongings: Cycling gives you the chance to interact with local people, but it also means you are more vulnerable without any protection. Thence, you should take care of your belongings, especially expensive technology devices because it’s easy for someone to grab those and drive off in an instance.
  • Know Vietnamese traffic laws: It’s very necessary to have knowledge of Vietnamese traffic law, so that you can confidently cycle around the city.


Hills to bridges make views to canals

Vietnam Cycling Challenge at big cities has both advantages and disadvantages. However, it’s sure that you will have the most memorable and impressive experiences when making such tours.

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