Trues and lies in advertisement about private Vietnam tours

When booking private Vietnam tours, you might face commitments from travel advisors. Knowing what are right and what are not right is great to set your expectation and make your trip in Vietnam the most satisfactory.

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Trues on private Vietnam tours.

  • You get customized offers:

When planning the itinerary for your coming trip, you can decide your own favorite destinations. Your Vietnam trip can start at your most suitable day. You set the experiences that your friends are talking about and you really want to do it. Then you can make best program suited  to your expectation.

  • You can mobilize your advisor expertise:

Your travel consultant should know most of details and is full advisor to your itinerary. She/he should know small details that impact the wonderful moments of the tour. However, if you encounter an agent that is not really knowledgeable about the place, you won’t get much benefit. Luckily you can find this easily after some email exchange about your concerns on tour. Be straightforward and find another advisor from another tour operator is a good idea then.

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  • You will be safer

On private Vietnam tours, you will be better taken cared by a tour guide at day time. You will not get lost. If there is a small risk of accident that the tour guide can observe as accompanying, he will change changes. This is not always at group tour when a tour guide should look after many travelers.

  • You be free from unexpected travelers

This might be one if the prominent advantages. There are times there is a very annoyed guy in the group to spoil the mood of every other travel mates. It is even worse if a group divides into two and they start to criticize the other other than enjoying the trip. So, be yourself and stay away from problematic groups.

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  • You even get surprise with unparalleled flexibility

When you travel with your private guide and car or van (if two or three families join together in a private tour, you just trigger out something and you can change it. You want to visit some places different. You want to go back hotel earlier. Your day mood is not good for some destination and you want to skip it. Just do it. Even along the trip you see some authentic local Vietnam scene and decide to stay long there because it deserve. Enjoy your top flexibility.

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    You will enjoy your most relaxed atmosphere

Your tailored made trip should not be so hurry to skip the interests. Just do the Vietnam day tour on your pace and don’t worry much about keeping the right itinerary.

  • You get real touch from local guide and local people.

Getting a private guide on a private tour, you are not only safe as mentioned before. Travelers get attention from your guide and more emotion and personal atmosphere will be made along the private trip. Along the trip you can ask him questions any time. You can ask him for more talk to local people and the topic of travel you want to focus.

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  • Your trip will go with local cuisines on your way.

Some travellers at group tours are tired at joining a big table at a designated dinner within a small place. It’s beautiful to taking private Vietnam tours to eat local food in local way or even in Western standard. Eating and meeting local people is great at the private tours.

Lies on private Vietnam tours.

  • You can change your program any time:

No, this is not right. You can change activities within a day, but it’s hard to change days and prominent tour factors. Thanks to good relationship, tour operator can get a free cancellation fee at some hotels. However, they can’t do this often. Some other services like tour guides or drivers could receive no payment if cancellation is within a month. Even at some services like cruises, cancellation 30 days before the trip is not possible and should get 100% payment. So, consider to change days of departure in your private Vietnam tours.

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  • The tour is over 90% different.

Vietnam is that much and the number of highlights is just the same. If you are on a private tour you still see big groups around. The difference is that you can enjoy the destination in a different way. You can see more and enjoy more in a less time spending.

  • The private tour is to travel on private vehicles only.

No way. There are places like Halong cruise or Mekong cruises, the private tour had better to join with other travellers to share a big cruise which is big. There are places like train we can book a whole cabin for two travellers. However, if you stand out of cabin you still see other travellers and local people.

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  • Save your time and money;

Yes you can save time because you don’t have to wait for the whole group to hop on hop off a bus. However, the cost of private tours is always higher than group tours. There are services like tour guide or driver or even boat is shared at group tours and they are cheaper. However, the higher cost will help you to enjoy the service more.

  • You will be headache free.

This is not true at the designing itinerary period. You should think a lot with options from the advisors. You even should take notice on which travel agent to rely on and put all your credit on their ability.

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So, these are sketches on private Vietnam tours that we hope to prepare some of your expectation to make your trip to Vietnam the best so far.

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