How to travel in Vietnam after Covid-19 is a big question that we have much frequently received from our clients. We would like to write about how we ensure that hygiene, contact and cleaning standards which are compliant with travel industry recommendations

Stay private

Kayak in Halong Bay

Making tours private is the first solution for the travel in Vietnam after Covid-19. The private tours can make sure the number of people we contact less and less.

Private car, private boat

Tam Coc

A private van can be the place of only our family members. Imagine how you feel as sitting by a person who you are not sure where they are from, whom they have met or any danger behind the cough they have just made. Do the same thing to a private boat. Make it only for our family and feel rather relaxed.

Private tour guide

Tour guide is another danger. He might have met many people before us. Nonetheless, we can’t not travel in comfort and tour comprehension without a tour guide. Therefore, we suggest having one tour guide who stay with our family for the whole trip. That man can cost a flight ticket, but he makes the trip more organized, less worried, and healthier.

Private cruise

travel in Vietnam after Covid-19

If you are concerned that some cruise like Halong cruise is expensive, we can handle that. Mekong Trails did make research and have some very tiny cruise of 2 or 3 cabins on a boat. This can be ideal for a family to have a private cruise on the Halong Bay. We do not have to share the boat with unfamiliar people. And the cost is not as much as you can think.  

Acquainted bubble of friends

Private tour

Furthermore, private tour is not expensive if you choose a true local tour operator. It is also great if you can collect a group of friends who we really know each other. Engaging one another in such an acquainted bubble can make the trip cost per person rather low. And more important, that is so much fun.

Stay more at countryside

In the cities, there are more people as you can guess. It is riskier there as there are more Westerner travellers there. Vietnam is considered as the most successful country who locks the traveller flow very early. Trying too stay away from those people can be a great choice. Then try to arrange more days at countryside and cut maximally the time in cities.

Then, we have more time for boat trip, hiking, sightseeing at countryside. Contact more Vietnamese at countryside who have not much frequent human contact than ones in the city. In that case, we can have more approach to authentic local lifestyle

Use more car and van than plane

Before, we suggested using flights between cities that are over 500 miles from each other. This will help to decrease transportation time and we have more time to enjoy destinations. However, airport is a place of too many people nowadays. Driving on a car or van will make the trip away from that big crowd of airport. We can break the long drive into many days, and we can see more local beauties at each place we stop.

In case we have too many stops and the length of the trip does not allow it, we suggest making the half way. This means we just visit half of the country. However, we have more destinations, more authentic villages on the road and less foreigners to contact.

Allow some beach time

best beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam is a tropical place, making the water very warm and comfortable. We are also famous as having the best beaches among ones around the world. The strong sun, the warm water and higher salt level in the water will kill all corona viruses, if any. Having great time on the beach can be a great fun and worry-free days. Then, it is not weird as having 3 or 4 night on the beach. Try to combine to visit around too. You can have a look here to see what beaches you can think of in your travel in Vietnam after Covid-19.

Get updates daily on the flu at the next day destination

You had better to suggest the tour guide to have some update every day about covid in Vietnam, especially at the cities and towns you are arriving the next day. Having a preparation always helps you to have a confident in travel. Don’t think this is a depression. We are living a new world of corona and this will help us to adapt to that change. We always survive.

travel in Vietnam after Covid-19

Hygiene material supplies

We suggest the company runs the travel service should prepare an enough amount of hand sanitizer and face masks. In Vietnam, these are abundant and the cost is not high. However, it is not convenient for travelers to buy these (sometimes with a much higher price). Having prepared those will make the trip more convenient. It is also important to know that some of the destinations ask travelers to cover face by masks as a must.

The corona pandemic has caused globally severe chaos. It has made big changes to the overall feeling and ambiance of travel. And it never makes the travel come back like the old days. However, we hope the solutions we have suggested can much reduce the worry of the virus impact in your travel in Vietnam after Covid-19. Hope you have a great time in Vietnam.

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