Vietnam school tours for Educational values

Join our Vietnam school tours to remote villages along Mekong river. At those poor villages there are with limited opportunity to go beyond their poverty. A small kick off is very important to bring true opportunities for lives.

Students at our Vietnam school tours come there, staying at their poor houses (with careful inspection of acceptable standard for our students). Our students will have breakfast, lunch and dinner with them, and helping to build community service projects.

We build houses for so poor families to help them to pass the raining season with ease. Our student groups build cement roads across poor families who can utilize the road for more business. We organize libraries and do the kick-off for reading passion which is with hope of stimulating the studying passion of the students. The books also help to bring them closer to the goodness. The school tours also build toilette to save the environment as well as saving the kidneys for the elementary school kids. We do everything for the communities‘s development.

Students can even can gain more as they gain the new experience, indulge themselves in the countryside atmosphere of Vietnam. More importantly, the youths will enjoy the feeling of giving a hand to others who really need. Therefore, they will get matured.

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