We would like to recommend several holidays in Vietnam that can be suitable to your time here.

If you have not more than 7 days. we recommend to stay only in the North or visit the South plus days in the Central Vietnam. A so quick look across cities will make your holidays in Vietnam not look good. We don’t often have request on Vietnam tours 7 days so we do not prepare below. In case you need a good one, please drop us a request.

Your holidays in Vietnam should be great if you have two weeks. We have a trip of 11 days to highlights of Vietnam. If you are in Europe, Oceania or USA, you will take one day to flight here and one more days to flight back. The trip of 11 days plus two days of flights and one day at home after the trip to recharge energy before going back to work is ideal for many people. That’s the reason we design this 11 day trip of Vietnam.

We also make more tours of 14 days, 18 days, 24 days so you can have more options to plan your holidays in Vietnam.  The itinerary are the result of our touring job in Vietnam over 15 years. Nevertheless, if you have any special interest or personalized concerns for your own style, please get in touch with us and our travel planners will have more thoughts for you.

Thank you for coming to Vietnam and we Mekong Trails team wish you a great holiday.