Cambodia is a mystic country and Cambodia tours then are the very attracting to travelers to discover Southeast Asia.

Travelers visiting Cambodia could not miss Angkor Wat. This is a huge complex of temples and shrines in the forest, worshiping Hinduism. The beautiful system was built in the 12th century by the techniques that is still secret today. Spending 3 days in the complex will enable travelers to understand the heyday of a kingdom that has been acknowledged one of the best civilization of humankind. Angkor Wat locates near Siem Reap with its international airport. Therefore, this city is often considered the last stop of the Cambodia tours or Vietnam Cambodia Tours.

Along the history of a strong kingdom in Southest Asia, Cambodia tours also take you to the black page of humankind. It’s when Polpot reined the country and run many genocides. The trips to Choeung Ek Killing Fields and to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum are reveals of the stories. Those are near Phnompenh, the current capital of Cambodia. You also can’t miss the Cambodia Royal palace where their kings still undergo their daily life here.

What is next, Tonle Sap lake is a known destination for Cambodia tours. The lake is the lastest fresh water in Southeast Asia. Thanks to that it is inhabited for over three millions people around. Therefore, the visit to the lake will be great opportunity to have a true touch to local lives. The boat trips to the floating villages along the lake banks or the transportation from Phnompenh to Siem Reap are also great.

Cambodia is not a big land then the trip there could not take two or three weeks. Hence, the travel section is often combined with a trip from Vietnam. The Cambodia tours can last from four to seven days. Then, it’s great to combine one with an eleven-day trip or even fourteen-day trip in Vietnam. After the trip in Vietnam, travellers can continue by going further deeper into Mekong Delta Vietnam and access Cambodia by boat. This trip is very convenient, beautiful and easy to organize.

In addition to Angkor Wat, one of the most common experiences to do in Cambodia is to be on a cruise along the almighty Mekong river. The trip can start from Saigon Vietnam and end in Siem Reap, or vice versa. Travelers can make in for four days or even choose the longer option 8 days. Therefore, no amazing moment in the Mekong river can be missed.

We love to see you around in Vietnam and Cambodia. Therefore, don’t hesitate to send us questions for the once for the lifetime experience around.