Thank you for your intention to travel to Vietnam.

This is another series of posts about traveling in Vietnam. It tells you what are great, what are deep and how to make it best. It might also describe what are not good, and what are not up to your style.

Read these and discover what should be best for your trip to Vietnam. If you think our Vietnam Travel Guide is the prime interest of your trip, then these post are much more helpful to you.

We are local Vietnamese and we are not sure what impressive to you most about the culture in Vietnam. We just try best to show you what we think the true authentic and you might want to know before your travel. So, we are happy to receive your questions. Please contact us to make better preparation for your trip to a country of deep culture.

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Mekong homestay the feeling of hospitability

A homestay at a Vietcong house – Mr. Ba Linh’s house, a non-forgettable memory Mekong Trails has organised a trip to the Mekong homestay of Mr. Ba Linh, a Vietcong with the interesting stories on his dinner table . This destination is…
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Cairang floating market the local trade from boats

Cairang floating market the very special life style Most of people here transports by boat, making two third of goods carried by boat. So, why should they come to a market on land meanwhile they can gather in a river corner and to their merchandising.…
Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel Cuchi tunnel

Cuchi tunnel the guerrilla war amazing system

The Cuchi tunnel general information The Cuchi tunnel locates 70km North of Saigon and is an immense network of over 250 km of tube underground for the guerrilla fighting technique of Viet Cong against American troops and South Vietnam Army.…
Customized tours in Hoian - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel Hoian

Hoian Ancient Town

Hoian Ancient Town in the middle of Vietnam Hoian Ancient Town is a little town in the middle of Vietnam. It located 30km south of Danang City, and 100km South  of Hue Imperial city. Hoian was once an international trade center by sea…
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Hue Imperial city with traditional cultural values of Vietnam

Hue is an elegant city in the middle of Vietnam. Hue Imperial city  is really a gem in Vietnam trips as its values are identified: the peaceful city view with a charming river goes across the city, the cultural value from ancient architecture…
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Tam Coc rowing boat among rice paddy and karst scenery

You have ever felt surprised by wonderful beauty of limestones in Halong Bay. Then it is another speechless surprise for you to admire Ninh Binh’s karst. That can be Tam Coc or Trang An. Taking a seat on sampan will bring visitors a natural…
Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel Halong

Halong Bay – the must go destination in Vietnam

Halong bay treasures Halong Bay is a key destination for all tourists coming to Vietnam, as of its special beauty and the magnificent boat trip. It located in the Gulf of Tonkin, in the northeast of Vietnam, around 165 km from Ha Noi.…
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Mai Chau the karst scenery and colorful community

What are great at Mai Chau? Mai Chau is located 135 km south-west of Hanoi in the Northern province of Hoa Binh. Mai Chau is one of the key destination in the North of Vietnam with attractions at country side peace, trekking trips across villages…
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Hanoi Old Quarter Cyclo

The experience of Hanoi Old Quarter Cyclo is fantastic. It is un-missable for any who want to experience the true authentic Vietnam etiquettes. The cyclo is a three-wheel bicycle taxi in Vietnam. It is a kind of rickshaw with a seat at the…
Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel - Water Puppet show

Water Puppet Show the unique feature at Hanoi

Water Puppet Show is a typical cultural value that tourists can’t skip this as traveling to Vietnam. The wooden puppets  are painted with  lacquer and get floating on the water at the waist-deep pool. The puppeteers use a  large rod supports…

When is the best time to visit Mekong?

You fall in love with Mekong Delta and decide to make a trip in the future. However, you don’t know exactly when is the best time to visit Mekong to entirely contemplate the beauty of nature and people of this place. This article can give…
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Saigon Travel Advice – Travel guide the read before you go

Saigon, or Hochiminh is a city of charm, and friendliness. We may call it Saigon, or Hochiminh city; neither are wrong. Saigon was the old name before 1976 and the name of Hochiminh city came after that. Welcome to my city, and let me tell…