The work under canopies of coconut trees, besides canales and rivers and among the local friendly people

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    But what we gain is much more than that

    Vietnam Discovery - Community Service Project Vietnam - Student Tours



You might have ever heard: “there is a will, there is a way”. Now we can say, “there is a road, the is a way”


This project is to make a road by cement, sand, rock along around 10 families in a small hamlet with deep rural in Ben Tre province. There are a lot such cement roads made here with half supported by government and the rest paid by the families along the roads. However, there are some aisles that the families there are too poor to pay the rest half, then their dream to have such a road passing by their house is far. We come and build for them a road of 200m long and 2-3 m wide that can last tens of years, but creating opportunities for life.

A paved pathway is very important to this community because family members regularly commute to and from the community by motor bikes, bicycles and on foot. It is very challenging for everyone to pass the rural terrain in the Mekong Delta, especially during the rainy season when the dirt path turns to mud.

  • This project will assist the families living in this area an easier way to travel each day.
  • This project will prevent many people from falling when biking or walking in the rainy season.
  • This paved pathway will be much safer, especially for young children, students and the elderly.
  • The pathway will make it easier for the villagers to transport rice back home on their bikes.
  • The road will also be a shortcut for villagers to get to the main road faster.
  • The improvement of the pathway will also encourage more business like shopping stores or bike repair shops..
  • This project will be a wonderful chance to connect with the community as we will get a real taste of the family ambiance and have the chance to work side by side with the locals.

This is a project that without your help, the families would be far to be able to afford. The community is so very grateful.

The paved pathway in the host community will be about 220 yards (200 meters) long and about 5 yards (1.5 meters) wide.

  • Clear and flatten the dirt pathway by carrying soil from a canal near the area.
  • Carry sand, rock, and cement from the vehicle.
  • Create wooden forms to contain the cement.
  • Mix the cement with sand and rock.
  • Pour the wet cement within the wooden forms to create the pathway.
  • Create temporary barriers to prevent people and animals from walking on the cement.

We have a master of building who instructs all of us to do the construction tasks. We also get supported by family members from the houses living along the road we support. There is a high possibility that we also get more people from surrounding to come to help, because of curiosity, of having a chance just to talk to you, or just of donating labors as thinking you are donating and why not them.

Living the daily life of Mekong Delta in a homestay place means you enjoy the fresh air of rural area, the working atmosphere under the coconut canopies, feeing the hospitability of Mekong host, and feeling the warmth of the people around. Furthermore, you can even enjoy some of the following activities we often include in the program:

  • Enjoy folk music in Mekong Delta (which has been acknowledged as immaterial world heritage by UNESCO).
  • Boat trip in Mekong Delta.
  • Biking along the villages.
  • Visit a floating market.
  • Catching fireflight at night.
  • Cooking class at the local house.
  • Visit many houses of the neibourers.
  • Etc.

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