Tra Vinh is a province in the Mekong Delta Vietnam with ugliest education statistics: every one out of ten students stop middle school every year, contributing to the number of 37,500 students yearly quitting school at this age all around Mekong Delta within Vietnam.

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.

Clay P. Bedford


The project is to renovate a room in an elementary or middle school into a library where reading habits can be fully inspired. Depending on the scope of work, we can consider this project moderate or standard. Students can be a the carpenters to make shelves for books, or just repainting the walls, arranging the library logically and organizing activities to kick off the book loving spirit and study motivation of students. This project is often at Tra Vinh as this province is of highest number of school quitting every year among Mekong Delta Vietnam.

The less education level will bring less opportunity for going ahead in Vietnam, especially at the places where the wealth is very rare to find. Education should be a saving life solution to escape from their long lasting poverty. However, the situation of popular stopping high school at Tra Vinh as well as at other provinces of Vietnam is like a closing door for that escape, and sometimes students really have no choice. So, building a library there will help:

  • Make a wonderful entertainment source for students here.
  • Trigger a reading enthusiasm among the youth.
  • Open their mind, enrich the knowledge and define the god life styles of young people.
  • Nurture the study dream of students, to make them stick with study and help to overcome the challenges of a poor life (i.e they should quit school to help the families to earn the living).
  • Make parents to think again if the intention of pushing their children to the working life early.

The library is often small with 5m wide and 10m long. It is commonly old, rarely visited and possibly with water leaking from the roof if rain comes. Following are some tasks to do, but this also depends on the status quo of the room:

  • Fix the roof to make it no more leaking at raining.
  • Repainting the walls, windows and the door with dynamic colors.
  • Fix and build more book shelves for the room.
  • Donate books and organize more booking sharing among students.
  • Title, classify and arrange books in smart ways.
  • Organize the operation system for book borrowing.
  • Set the activities and play with students in the library to trigger the reading spirits.
  • etc

We will have a master who is good at carpentering and the like. He will help us at the stage of renovating, building and making shelves. We might have some teachers and students of the school to join with us for more interaction and friendly atmosphere setting. However, we are the main force to do the job

Living the daily life of Mekong Delta in a homestay place means you enjoy the fresh air of rural area, the working atmosphere  among students who love to have friendly conversation with you, feeing the hospitability of Mekong host, and feeling the warmth of any people around the village. Furthermore, you can even enjoy some of the following activities we often include in the program:

  • Enjoy folk music in Mekong Delta (which has been acknowledged as immaterial world heritage by UNESCO)
  • Boat trip in Mekong Delta
  • Biking along the villages
  • Visit a floating market.
  • Catching fireflight at night.
  • Cooking class at the local house.
  • Visit many houses of the neibourers.
  • Etc

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