Welcome to the corner for Vietnam family holidays. We know travelling with children or travelling in a family group is much different from other type of trips.

We list a series of experiences along the road here. The advises and destinations are also great to give you some thoughts. We hope those might suit for the type of travel you are looking for your family members, even with kids and teens.

In case you want to add more educational values to your children trip in Vietnam, please contact us. Mekong Trails knows travel is already a type of education on the road. However, optimizing the opportunity and build more great values for children are also our dream of travel mission.

We hope you can find here the ideas for building a nice itinerary for your Vietnam family holidays. It should be our honor to trigger you thoughts and clues. And utmost, we wish your Vietnam trip should be a great time for family bonding, for love and for relaxing.

Enjoy reading.


Vietnam New Year

What you need to know if your trip is around Vietnam New Year?

This is important to know when planning a trip to Vietnam around Vietnam New Year. What is Vietnam New Year? Vietnam is a country which is rich in the cultural tradition. If you have an opportunity to visit such country during the traditional…
Private tour

How do you start to plan your Vietnam tour?

The following post is to provide some advises for any to prepare the Vietnam tour and to make it one of the greatest experience of your life. Define what you need in your Vietnam tour? First you need to define which type of trip you are looking…

Vietnam private tours

There are times you are fed up with sharing the Vietnam tour with uncomfortable travel companions. Vietnam private tours are then the great choice to get the full taste of Vietnam in the most enjoyable experience. That's the possibility of…
Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam adventure

Trues and lies in advertisement about private Vietnam tours

When booking private Vietnam tours, you might face commitments from travel advisors. Knowing what are right and what are not right is great to set your expectation and make your trip in Vietnam the most satisfactory. Trues on private Vietnam…

Advice for designing a Customized tours in Vietnam

The information below is only for reference and opening new ideas for your trip. We understand that designing customized tours should focus more to individuals to make the best program. Ideas for customized tours in Hanoi Hanoi city tour. …

Revealed: Why we Mekong Trails focus on personalized tours to Vietnam

There should be some reasons why our company Mekong Trails focuses only on personalized tours to Vietnam. Reading the following and you will find the reason why our slogan under the logo is “for personalized travel request”. 1. Someone…

5 exclusive activities you should try in Mekong Delta

With the flow of Mekong River, Mekong Delta is famous for growing crop and creating specialties food. If you are planning to travel around Vietnam by bicycle, we show you some exclusive activities Mekong Delta which help you to see the beauty…

Mekong cruise must-do - Mekong River Cruise Tips

You are very excited for your trip to Mekong now and nearly complete your packing. However, there are still some Mekong cruise must-do things as below that you need to have a look at! Prepare health set In order to enjoy your Mekong…

What’s on a Mekong cruise itinerary - Mekong River Cruise tips

What are good Mekong cruises? It will take two weeks or more to have a Mekong river cruise land tour. This tour includes several overnights aboard ship and nights in hotels. Most of Mekong cruise itinerary start and end in Vietnam, so you can…

Ninh Binh Cycling Vietnam: Memories of a prime dynasty

Together with Hue, Ninh Binh is also an ancient capital of Vietnam which was the head of the first governmental apparatus of this country. Ninh Binh Cycling Vietnam can be compared with a journey to the past so that you could recall its pristine…
Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel

Vietnam cycling Hoi An

If you want to figure out entirely the undisturbed history and significant culture of Vietnam in the past centuries, you should make a Vietnam cycling Hoi An and feel the taste of time that make a feature of this ancient city.   Read…

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