Do you know that some of Vietnam beaches rank the best of the world? It would be a pity if you don’t include Vietnam beach holidays in your Vietnam tour.

However, you should remember one very important note: there is neither great beach in the North nor the South Vietnam. All best beaches of Vietnam locate in the Central section of the country. The Red river  has supplied great water for the fertile delta  in the North. It also brings heaps of mud and spoils all the beaches here. The situation is the same to the South where Mekong river has washed away all beaches. What we can have here are just muddy land.

So, we have central Vietnam with beautiful beaches. The two most common cities travelers find it easy to stop by is Hue and Hoian. And beaches here are marvelous. It’s great with quite clean water, beautiful sand and not many people. You also can find some other great beaches like Sa Huynh, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang and Muine. And those are convenient for the trains to stop there or planes can land there.

Ops, we talk too much. Please enjoy reading some tours and post below to see how you can enjoy  your Vietnam beach holidays. We are glad to hear any questions for the Vietnam tour across the beaches in your expectation. Just drop us some lines.

Thank you and enjoy.


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