Mekong Trails is a small tour operator in Vietnam with days along the country with travelers from US and Australia at their Vietnam battlefield tours.

We have emotional days with our travelers to Khe Sanh, Huong Hoa and Cam Lo. Furthermore, our trips reach Daklak, Dakto and fierce battlefields in highland Vietnam. What is next, who can remember the battle in the Tet Offensive ? Furthermore, follow our trails to Long Dat, Long Tan and Vung Tau and other R&R. And you will find the great memory of the old days. You might also possibly meet old man of the old days.

Together with trips to other famous battlefields like Cuchi Tunnel, Dien Bien Phu battlefield, we can design a great return of your memory.

Send us a request and we will come back with some suggestion. Look forward to being with you in Vietnam again.

The Mekong Trails team.


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Cuchi tunnel the guerrilla war amazing system

The Cuchi tunnel general information The Cuchi tunnel locates 70km North of Saigon and is an immense network of over 250 km of tube underground for the guerrilla fighting technique of Viet Cong against American troops and South Vietnam Army.…

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