Advice for designing a Customized tours in Vietnam

The information below is only for reference and opening new ideas for your trip. We understand that designing customized tours should focus more to individuals to make the best program. Ideas for customized tours in Hanoi Hanoi city tour. …

More special exprience at Vietnam customized tour - Part 2

You have followed us in the previous post about Vietnam customized tour and learn some special experiences in Halong and Hue. And now we would like to invite you to enjoy some more experience near Saigon. Visit a local pottery kiln and learn…
Vietnam Team Building - Outdoor team Building

Plan a perfect Vietnam Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a great activity for team building. It is also an extraordinary city discovery for youth in such a creative and active way. Vietnam Scavenger Hunt is then a popular trend for corporate trips to Vietnam recently. We hope to…

Vietnam Cycling Challenge at big cities

Big cities in Vietnam have the contrast beauty that is unbeatable with other places on around the world. Besides many advantages we have showed you in the previous post, Vietnam Cycling Challenge at big cities also give some rationales to foreigners…
Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel

Special experience with Cycling Vietnam at big cities

Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang are of the most bustling and thriving cities in Vietnam. There comes a variety of vehicles on the street, especially motorbikes which can make you both impressed and confused when making Cycling Vietnam tours. Read…

Mekong cruise Vietnam Cambodia – the elegant cruise

To entirely discover the true beauty of Vietnam and Cambodia, making Mekong cruise Vietnam Cambodia is one of the most awesome choices for foreigners. Now, bring your backpack and I will take you on a cruise! Mekong cruise Vietnam Cambodia…
Saigon city tour

Christine and Bob with Saigon city tour

Mekong Trails  recently get honored to welcome Christine and Bob to enjoy the Saigon city tour from the cruise ship Sapphire Princess. Thanks from the recommendations from the friends and we have Christine and Bob as new friends. Follow our…
Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel Cuchi tunnel

Cuchi tunnel the guerrilla war amazing system

The Cuchi tunnel general information The Cuchi tunnel locates 70km North of Saigon and is an immense network of over 250 km of tube underground for the guerrilla fighting technique of Viet Cong against American troops and South Vietnam Army.…

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