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9 awesome things in Hoian you must not miss

Along with the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Hoi An has been one of the well-known places preserving the ancient and historic beauty of Vietnam. We would like to recommend some awesome activities at your customized tours in Hoian. Taking a walk around…

Special experience to consider at customized tours Vietnam - Part 1

Even in a customized tours Vietnam, travellers still need to see the typical highlights of the country like Halong, Sapa, or Hoian. In the scope of this post we would like to mention some special experience you might want to enjoy. Fly seaplane…
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Initial need-to-know information before booking Mekong Cruise - Mekong River Cruise Tips

The beauty along Mekong cruise Mekong River is well-known as the longest river in Southeast Asia with the flow of 2,700 miles (fed by snow melt from the Himalayas of Tibet). The alluvium from Mekong River makes the area where it flows through…

Ninh Binh Cycling Vietnam: Memories of a prime dynasty

Together with Hue, Ninh Binh is also an ancient capital of Vietnam which was the head of the first governmental apparatus of this country. Ninh Binh Cycling Vietnam can be compared with a journey to the past so that you could recall its pristine…

Mekong cruise food

Cuisine is a specific factor of culture that you have to relish whenever traveling. For those who choose Mekong Delta as a destination for relaxing, its diversity of food is the thing you cannot ignore in your journey. Below are some featured…

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