You have followed us in the previous post about Vietnam customized tour and learn some special experiences in Halong and Hue. And now we would like to invite you to enjoy some more experience near Saigon.

Visit a local pottery kiln and learn how to make some.

Type of experience: deep discovery of life style

Some might think of cooking class with a market visit in Saigon. However, we recommend the half day in a small workshop in Saigon for a pottery experience. You will be in a small workshop with some more learners, and will be instructed by a master. The stories around the clay, the skills in the rolling table as well as the art of local artists will make the day special among your Vietnam customized tour

Visit Nam Cat Tien national park and enjoy million of butterfly in Spring.

Type of experience: romantic adventure

As indicated in the classification of the experience, it might be more for just married couples. This trip is recommended more in Spring when butterfly is millions around the certain corners of the forest. Then, a little trekking into the primitive forest and a night out in a jeep to see wild animal are the best moments full of nature taste.

However, the most enchanting experience we focus is the amazing time with the butterfly. Among the trekking routes, we spray perfume to our hair and butterfly think we are flower and keep flying around. Having thousands of butterflies full of colors above your head is not a common moment in our life, isn’t it?

Have a trekking in forest of pine trees and sleep at tents

Type of experience: high level adventure in nature

There is a part in the highland Vietnam where French has chosen for their hil station at their time in Indochina colonization. That’s Dalat with great weather and endless pine forests over spectacular hills. Follow the local guides and the trek passing the best view of pine trees in this planet.

Vietnam customized tour

Dalat trekking – Photo credit by Ngo Anh Tuan

The more adventurous part is the night in the forest with sleeping over at a hanging tent. Enjoy the wild BBQ for a lovely dinner with trekking friends. Waking up in the middle of fresh air and wild life in that hanging tent is the best for most trekkers.

The drawback of this trip is an acceptance of two days without shower and don’t expect any toilet along the trekking.

Mekong cruise from Saigon to Angkor Watt.

Type of experience: luxury indulgence.

Any traveller to Saigon makes a visit to Mekong river. That can be just one day trip to rice farm, tropical fruits, mazes of canals and world famous floating markets. They even can make two days or three days approaching deeper into Mekong to enjoy further the real local life of Vietnamese in Mekong Delta Vietnam. They also take a speed boat from Vietnam border to Phnom Penh for more time on the river.

However, they miss the luxury indulgence of the boat cruises. Taking a cruise from Saigon to Siem Reap with private cabin on board to feel how the world best river cruise is. You can choose to cruise with options from 4 days to 8 days. Further choice is to choose to stay on wooden boats with a small group of travelers only. You even can choose to stay at a bigger steel boat where more amount of travelers guarantee for the service of spa, movie room, golf experience, and other amazing experience under the Mekong sun.

Mekong Cruise

Don’t worry about the visit to local life. The cruise also stops occasionally here and there and you will visit local life, enjoying local taste and share hands with farmers with smiles.

Do you hear any other experience you want to do on your Vietnam customized tour and we have not mentioned yet? Please ask us and we will detail with you the situations. Because we are the local experts and we know many things here. We love to make your Vietnam customized tour the once for the time life memory.

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  1. Carol Colborn
    Carol Colborn says:

    Millions of butterflies would be quite a sight. And that cruise from Mekong to Angkor Watt would be so special!

  2. knycx.journeying
    knycx.journeying says:

    Thanks for the ideas and they are great! It would be a bold and fresh idea for me to take a cruise trip all the way from Saigon to Angkor.. But I had a vruise trip in Ha Long Bay and it was amazig @ knycx.journeying

  3. Sandy N Vyjay
    Sandy N Vyjay says:

    Loved reading about these special experiences, they indeed give a fresh perspective of Vietnam. A visit to the Nam Cat Tien national park looks really exciting. I am really thrilled with the part about butterflies flitting around your head because of the perfume. A hike in the pine forests is something in our line and I am sure it would be a great experience.


    I used to do pottery when I was younger – and its always a great experience to try it in different countries – the techniques keep differing. I also would have loved play around with the butterflies! :)


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