Even in a customized tours Vietnam, travellers still need to see the typical highlights of the country like Halong, Sapa, or Hoian. In the scope of this post we would like to mention some special experience you might want to enjoy.

Fly seaplane from Halong

Type of experience: luxury indulgence.

customized tours VietnamNormally, you will take a 4 hour car from Hanoi to Halong. Then you will enjoy one or two night on the cruises with luxurious feeling among the spectacular view of Halong at day and night, sunset and sunrises. After finishing the trip you will take a car or van to go back to Hanoi.

Let’s do it by some different way. After leaving the cruise, jump on a seaplane and make 15 minute flying over the tranquil Halong you have enjoyed by boats, before take 45 minutes to fly back to Hanoi. Seeing the landscape from the junk is already great. However, seeing the Halong Bay from high above is much more fantastic. We could not describe well here, but you can see how different a video made on land to a video made by drone. That might be one of the best moments you will talk about that many years later.

customized tours VietnamPlease note this experience is suited for most for travellers with plan to flight to Hue or other cities right after that. The seaplane will land in Noi Bai airport and it’s better to jump to another airplane, in stead of having a car back to Hanoi. So, do this after all your plan in Hanoi.

Visit Hochiminh Trails

Type of experience: culture, history and landscape discovery

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This experience for some who gets much interested in war stories in Vietnam. Hochiminh Trails was a system of roads made by Northern Vietnam army before the war ended. It was to support hidden guerrilla in the South. The trails were in the primitive forest and US bombers could not see people under canopies. The story of Agent Orange was from then.

The trip to Hochiminh Trails can tell many history stories about the war in Vietnam. We can do it in the highland Vietnam to see more tribal villages with their unique culture. However, if you want to avoid an adventurous feeling, you can visit the Hochiminh Trails by a two day trip from Hue. You can enjoy the most spectacular boat trip rowing into a dark cave of stalagmites and stalactites.

Ride a cyclo in Hue

Type of experience: easy discovery of architecture and life style

Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel - customized tours Vietnam

Hue was the capital of the last dynasty of Vietnam Kingdom. The Imperial cities and the immaterialism life style is unique and quite special. The war has destroyed most of monuments. However, the remains are still able to take your breath for a while. A walking into the citadel is a must for most of travelers.

The walk is great but the next experience is what we recommend. We suggest to jump on a cyclo, a kine of rickshaw that the driver is at the back and traveler seat in in front. The drivers will take you peacefully into the beautiful roads along the citadel. You mostly can only make this with customized tours Vietnam. The taste of nostalgia, the fragile feeling of the pastness, and the beautiful trees around will make the moment unforgettable. The drivers take you further into the back roads of the cities where the local plants vegetables on the ruins. Seeing the beautiful life, touching the laugh of children from the middle of nowhere, and you see the true reason why you travel.

Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel

The post is long enough and we dare not to keep you longer. If you still interested in our reveals on special experiences on customized tours Vietnam, please read part 2.

If you have any interest, don’t hesitate to drop us a message.

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    Lara Dunning says:

    Wow! The ariel shot is just stunning. That would be the way to see it! I haven’t seen any posts about the Hochiminh Trails, I would love to learn more about that experience.


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