We think designing your customized Vietnam tours is already a start for your Vietnam experience. Making it enjoyable, easy and comfortable is also great. Turn it also a memory of your Vietnam, too.

Settle your expectation.

First you must not expect your customized Vietnam tours should be done at the first time. There should be 4 or 5 emails and things will be fully sketched and mapped out. There are sometimes programs are already decided and on progress to book, you still think of something new and changes can be done also. This is also an advantage of the personalized tours.


customized Vietnam tours

Secondly, share your intention, preferences and interests in advance. Even you have no expectation in the beginning, sharing with us your length of time to be in Vietnam, how many people and what type of hotels you expect to stay. We will give suggestions in options and you will get easy to choose an idea among three.

Design your customized Vietnam tours

Next, take it easy to capture our consultancy job at options we suggest for your customized Vietnam tours. You can spend weekends and discuss with your travel partners. It’s great to have tea time and check what‘s on for your amazing time in Vietnam. Don’t mind about giving us too many questions and ideas. We will tell you what is great and what is only nearly great. We know what is best suited to your interest, body active level and convenience of travel arrangement. We will share with you via email back and forth. You might find it takes many weekend to finalize the best route. So, you can think of starting to plan your customized Vietnam tours three months or more before departure.

Customized Vietnam Tours

In case the time is not allowed much to design your own tours, we recommend you to answer our email as soon as possible. We will try to response immediately after seeing your email. We then can make the planning much faster.

When sending us information, don’t forget to let us know your health notification as well as allergy alertness. There are foods we will recommend or organize, and that should be in line with your preference. There are cycling routes we will suggest and how long, how far and which kind of trails are the top information to make your customized Vietnam tours the best done.

Check details on customized Vietnam tours

Fourthly, information on how much for the designed customized Vietnam tours is vital to know. You will base on this to adjust again some part of the trip. It’s good to have various cost for different options and you will have a bigger look.

customized Vietnam tours

When being happy with the tour elements, check the inclusions and exclusions. This is important to see the cost up or down. If you have a look across travel companies and you have several different consultancies, this check is a must. This will help to explain why some packages are high meanwhile others are so low.

Further checking is also what type of hotel, which name of hotels, shared transportation or private cars. You even should ask for clarification on the room type. The difference between garden view room or river view is much. And at some locations the difference is deserved because it will bring you the unique experience that your feeling of great emotion lasts years later.

Reserve your dream trip.

Yes, the last step is to book your trip and make it done. You often give a deposit and pay the rest when you arrive Vietnam by your credit card. Check the company a last time before process payment. Is this company recommended on Trip Advisors? Does this company have bad review about their trips? Via the process of consultation, you also feel the professionalism as well as we the expertise of the email responder. And that’s also a base for you to estimate whether that travel mate is deserved to bring you credit on making your best Vietnam experience.

customized tours Vietnam


Don’t worry about visa to Vietnam because at Mekong Trails we will do that for our clients. You will receive a visa on arrival and you don’t have to bother to leave your passport to Vietnam embassy at your place. You even don’t have to worry about whether you will have a visa or not. When we send you confirmation, the visa is made already for you at the airport you arrive.

Do you have any concern you want to know about designing a customized Vietnam tours? Don’t hesitate to give us a line. Look forward to helping you any time.

8 replies
  1. Carolina Colborn
    Carolina Colborn says:

    Customized tours are how we see a country, sometimes we prefer doing it on our own to cut on costs but sometimes we need a local guru to make the best for a private tour.

  2. Gokul Raj
    Gokul Raj says:

    I rarely take any local tours but I feel like taking tours does take you to hidden attractions of a place. I usually take the trekking or jungle trail tours while in SE Asia.

  3. knycx.journeying
    knycx.journeying says:

    Thanks for the post and I do enjoy the process if planning the trip myself, I learn a lot in the planning and it’s nice to have the flexibility. @ knycx.journeying 😊😊😊

  4. Alouise
    Alouise says:

    I have never done a customized tour before, but it sounds like a great way to travel. Vietnam looks like a beautiful country, and I love that you can customize your trips to fit what you need. It’s also great to know you can get a visa for Vietnam on arrival. That saves a lot of time and hassle.

  5. Sandy N Vyjay
    Sandy N Vyjay says:

    We too believe in either doing it on our own, or if we are going through a travel company, we prefer customized tours. We do not believe in the effectiveness of standard packages on big bus, as they usually skip many important sights. Also tours cannot do things on regular pace and we has to hurry through to catch up the itinerary. So, private tour is agreat idea then.

  6. mark wyld
    mark wyld says:

    Looks like this would be an amazing company to plan a tour with. Customized itinerary to suit your needs and interest would be amazing. Vietnam always looks fascinating.

    CHLOE LIN says:

    Vietnam is my favourite SE Asia country. I don’t usually go for tour as I can plan things very well. But I guess it’s a good service for people who have no experience in planning or don’t have time to plan.


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