How do you start to plan your Vietnam tour?

Private tour

The following post is to provide some advises for any to prepare the Vietnam tour and to make it one of the greatest experience of your life.


Define what you need in your Vietnam tour?

First you need to define which type of trip you are looking for.  That should be an adventurous trip with some cycling, mountain climbing, trekking in the primitive forest or the like. The adventure can also include staying at homestay insides the home of a hill tribal village. Else, it can include going to remote places of Vietnam, doing more exercises in the national parks, etc. You of course can think of a whole cycling trip from North to South Vietnam or vice versa.

Vietnam tour

Otherwise you can think of a Vietnam culture discovery. You can explore more culture by focusing more on the monuments, food, people life and how they behave. This is a so much interesting topic that never cease surprising you. Else, you can think of a luxurious Vietnam experience with staying at great hotel and resorts with its special characteristics. Don’t forget the premium cruises in Halong Bay, along Mekong river. And don’t miss the river boat trips in Hue, Hoian, Tam Coc and Phong Nha.

Or course you can combine all travel styles above and make the best suited to your favorites.

Vietnam tour


Deciding how many days is also a first to do. This also links to how much money should you prepare and what cities you can visit in Vietnam. A ten-day tour can include general cities like Hanoi, Halong, Hue, Hoian, Saigon and Cai Be. A two-week trip can help to add Dalat, or Sapa or even Angkor Wat in Cambodia. If you have from 3 weeks, that’s great to think of many off beaten tracks in Vietnam, including elephants and special indigenous villages. However, if you have only one week for your Vietnam tour, stay only at North Vietnam or South Vietnam.

Find a great organizer for your Vietnam tour.

Your Vietnam tour can be well done by global travel agencies. These are the best with group journeys that the departure dates are fixed, and you can choose one among many with warranty departure. you can join with many others and the number can vary from 15 to 40. Most companies like Gate 1, Abercrombie and Kent, Exo, Peregrine, Vikings, etc are the famous in the industry and they can help to make a good trip.

Yourself arrangement is also a great choice if you are more independent and really don’t want your trip to be spoiled by someone else in a group tour. The accommodation systems like Airbnb or are rather easy and trustful to allocate the cities into your itinerary. You can add day trips by booking via Trip Advisor or just do it at some booking table in the back-packer streets of Vietnam. You choose this option when you are very confident about your Vietnam Tour after reading many travel websites and collecting many experiences from friends.

Vietnam tour

And when you don’t want to experience Vietnam in a big group that you don’t know them (whether they are OK or not) and you also don’t want to spend much time on reading about the information, you need to choose a local Vietnam tour operator. They will arrange you some private tour that suite your favorite. The smaller local tour operator like Mekong Trails can give you more detail and expertise on the trip. After about ten emails back and forth, you will be very clear about where you should go, when should you go and what experience you don’t miss. Because of this advantage, Vietnam private tour is a rather popular trend for Vietnam tours now.



Try your Vietnam tour with some of the following itineraries

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