12 must go places for cycling in Vietnam

Famous for diverse and plentiful nature, Vietnam owns its unique beauty of rice paddies, the beautiful coastline with amazingly fabulous beaches and imposing mountains. Especially, there is a density of village road and trail networks where tourists can experience their own biking adventures remarkably.


#1. Mekong Delta

Vietnam Cycling Mekong

Different from remote parts, Mekong Delta is also an interesting road for cyclists with more comfort. The scenic beauty of Mekong Delta road is its rice paddies stretching long till the horizon. With a particular density of river, stream and canal network, Mekong Delta is also preferable thanks to the typical houses, boats and floating markets of people working and living there. Tourists can experience and enjoy the life in riverside towns as well as a plenty of colorful fruits in the floating market.

#2. Cat Tien National Park

About 150km far from Ho Chi Minh City, Cat Tien is an ideal destination for wildlife-spotting and mountain-biking. Cat Tien is rich in biodiversity and possesses the flat tropical rainforest, which will provide you with a great cycling experience through dense forests and fresh air to absolutely open your souls as well as train your muscles.

#3. Da Lat

Famous for a city of beautiful flowers, Dalat is also well-known for may bikers having up-downhill rides surpassing various territories and fabulous waterfalls. Popular cycling trips in Dalat are from Langbian Mountain through forest trails before reaching Love Valley and Victory Lake.

#4. Hoi An

Hoian Cycling into rice farm and to fishing villages

If you are looking for relaxing cycling experiences, Hoi An will be on your list. In Hoi An, you can cycle through rural areas to the city, where you could get the opportunity to enjoy natural sightseeing and lifestyles of natives as well as rural landscapes. A poetic scene of water buffalo, rice paddies, bamboo ranges and bamboo houses will be at your surprise.

#5. Cham Island

18km far from Hoi An by offshore, Cham Island has been recognized for its biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Unspoiled, Cham Island still keeps its own unique beauty with significantly rich biodiversity. Being one biker, you may find different cycling experiences on this island such as cycling along across the island where you could gaze with the green forests and seascape or going deeper inside the island to visit several fishing villages.

#6. Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is ideal for more adventurous cyclers. There are many ways to go to Hai Van and one of the easiest ways is to start from Hue then pass Hai Van to arrive in Danang. Along Hai Van Pass, cycling lovers can view on their own eyes to amazingly green mountains opposite to the sea with cliffs against. This will be a really worth try for adventurers.

#7. Hue Imperial city

Hue Cycling Vietnam

Hue is a great place for cycling along the relics of the citadel of the last Vietnam Kingdom. It’s a city with peaceful lifestyle and you will find people in this city cycling more than any other cities in Vietnam. The cycling pace will also take you to houses at back roads of the citadels, to the mausoleum where the King build fir their stopover before entering the eternal phase of death. The cycling also takes you to the endless rice farms. You will love duck farms or the beautiful villages nearby where people are so friendly and hospitable.

#8. Hochiminh Trails


Hochiminh trails is another beauty of Vietnam where you can cycle in the most quiet highway in the world. Along that empty road, you will enjoy the beauty at rice farms, or other agricultural farms, rubber plantations. You will also see many stories of war along this legend road. You will meet many kind of hill tribal people that their culture are still untouched part of the world. Especially, the beauty of limestone mountains of karst topography is the most amazing to make the bets moment of cycling life.

#9. Cat Ba National Park


Cat Ba National Park locates on a beautiful island of Haiphong Province in the North of Vietnam. It is in the most significant list of nature reserves with biodiversity of unique plants and animals. Cycling across the park will be a definitely amazing experience where you can see waterfalls, hidden beaches, limestone mountains, stunning valleys and caves in front of your eyes.

#10. Moc Chau


dalat cycling trip - places cycling vietnam

Located in a Northern province in Vietnam, Moc Chau has been a peaceful town famous for the nicest tea across Vietnam. Thanks to its huge plantation of green tea on hill ranges, Moc Chau is getting more  popular among tourist attractions in Vietnam. Possessing heavenly beautiful atmosphere, Moc Chau is an ideal place of wild blossoming flowers during spring. This provides travelers with a completely natural taste of the wild.

#11. Ba Be Lake and National Park


Located in Bac Can, a northern province of Vietnam, Ba Be is famous for its beautiful landscape of limestone mountains, waterfalls, lakes, deep valleys, caves and dense forests. The National Park in Ba Be owns a rich source of biodiversity of unnamed plants species and wildlife species. Ba Be is also the home of different ethnic minority groups including Tay, Dao, Mong, etc. Ba Be Lake, considered as the most well-known site for traveller. The lake stretches the length of 8km and 400m width deserves to be the Vietnam’s emerald.

#12. Sapa

Vietnam Cylcing Tours - Biking Vietnam

Sapa is located in the mountainous area in the North of Vietnam possessing its own heavenly beauty where tourists can seemingly touch the clouds. As the biking lovers, travelers can also have the opportunity to see the changes of nature at higher altitude. They challenge themselves through treacherous roads and meet different ethnic minority groups. During the harvesting seasons, travelers will get the chance to entertain their eyes with the beautiful yellow of rice paddies. They can look down the beautiful slope curving along the awesome terrace, which is a specialty of this mountainous area.

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  1. Amit Sengupta
    Amit Sengupta says:

    You know that Vietnam is one of my most offbeat bucket list – it’s such an underrated place, so quiet, mystical. I want to completely explore the country.

  2. knycx.journeying
    knycx.journeying says:

    That’s a great summary and thanks for the information. I will keep that in mind and try renting a bike if I ever go to one of these places! @ knycx.journeying

  3. priya
    priya says:

    Vietnam looks gorgeous, ever been to that part of the world. Nice to know that you can explore so many of the places there on a bike.

    • Thuy Nguyen
      Thuy Nguyen says:

      Many travellers have confirmed that cycling in Souhest Asia is the best way to visit the place

  4. Lara Dunning
    Lara Dunning says:

    What a great way to see the country. I think I’d need to have my camera out as I’d be stopping so much. I think I’d like the Hoi An and Cat Ba National Park.

    • Thuy Nguyen
      Thuy Nguyen says:

      When you experience all of these you will love them all, not only Hoi An and Cat Ba. I am very sure about that Lara

  5. Rhonda Albom
    Rhonda Albom says:

    We aren’t bikers, but I wish that we were just to see those views. How stunning. We have plans to go to Vietnam in the next few years along with the rest of South-East Asia.

    • Thuy Nguyen
      Thuy Nguyen says:

      Yes, when you come don’t forget to plan to cycle at some places we have introduced in this list. Thanks Rhonda!


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