Revealed: Why we Mekong Trails focus on personalized tours to Vietnam

There should be some reasons why our company Mekong Trails focuses only on personalized tours to Vietnam. Reading the following and you will find the reason why our slogan under the logo is “for personalized travel request”.


1. Someone really needs personalized tours to Vietnam.

In a recent confession made by Abercrombie and Kent, half of their travellers are not with the group tours. This even increases over time. This number is also regular at other global travel companies. Obviously there are a certain group of people do not feel comfortable with travelling in a group.

Time for waiting is too much. They should wait for the late person in the group. They should wait for each other to hope on hop off the huge bus.

If the big group is only with good guys, this is great. However, don’t even think about that. There should be someone who makes us uncomfortable, and this impacts on the fully enjoying the trip.

In a big group, sometime we should stay at the back and even don’t hear anything from the tour guide. What we can see is the back of our travel mates and we should ask them what they are laughing at after the explanation of the tour guide.


The most important point people choose to have a personalized tours to Vietnam is that they can do the experience that group tours can’t. What a pity if the experience is highly recommended by our friends at the party the other day. He has so much enjoyed that and we should let it go because a group tour does not allow.

So, because there are many people need custom tours and we think we are good at that. And we focus on that.

2. We Mekong Trails are a small tour operator and we focus on small details.

Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel

We don’t have many people in our company. Most of us start our travel life as tour guides, and till now are still tour guides for travel mates how are keen on our Vietnam personalized tours. Focusing more on details are our routine as tour guides. And that hobby is a good way to get a nod from our travel mates.

3. Our Mekong Trails is able to run personalized tours to Vietnam.

Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel Hue

We have been in travel industry around Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia over 15 years. And we think we know most of solutions for any challenges. Travelers might have concerns about how to do that and we know options. And we also know which is the best suited for different travelers.

We think we also know good small changes that can make the trip much better with great experience.

4. Private tours are sometimes with families with kids and youth.

We know some way to make some value of educational adventures, and we would like to make that as our company highlight.

5. The life value we persue.

Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel Hanoi

We feel when we run group tours, we think more about numbers. However, at customized tours we think more special experience. This is what we pursue for hobby in our travel life. This makes values for our life.

We have confessed why we focus more on personalized tours to Vietnam. And we would love to be your travel mate if you also seek for great benefit of the private way. Would you mind to give us a chance to show our expertise?

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