North Vietnam Cycling: along the masterpieces of nature and people etiquettes

If you want to make an adventurous Vietnam Cycling tour, Northern area will be the best suggestion. With majestic mountains, picturesque waterfalls, unique terraces and diverse cultures of ethnic minorities, North Vietnam Cycling appeals many tourists who love unspoiled beauty of nature.


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North Vietnam Cycling

North Vietnam is divided into two parts by Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Each region has different topography: the Northwest is primarily midland plains and low hills, whereas the Northeast is a highly mountainous area. Making North Vietnam Cycling requests good physical and strong spirit to overcome challenges along the route.

Highlights in North Vietnam Cycling

In term of geography, this region is considered the most disadvantageous destination for living, especially in rugged mountains. Contrary to this fact, a lot of travelers feel it’s alluring and fascinating to discover. Through such kind of ecology tourism, cyclists will have a chance to engage in daily life of hill tribes in distinctively elaborate costumes, as well as protect the pure beauty of this region.

Apart from breath-taking sightseeing and the cohesion between people and nature, Northern Vietnam has its reputation thanks to ethnic identified customs, unique etiquettes, and specific gastronomy. Many foreigners in North Vietnam Cycling trips fall in love with immense greenish terraces and endless yellow flower fields in Mu Cang Chai, where they can cycle across mountain passes looking over the  terraced rice fields to enjoy the fresh atmosphere. Moreover, North Vietnam Cycling in Moc Chau Plateau, which is regarded as the land of tea, will give you an opportunity for taking best photographs due to sunflower and tea fields highlighted under twinkle sunshine.

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Your North Vietnam Cycling would be a shortcoming, without some days visiting Sa Pa – an ideal venue for trekking. Cycling here, you will surely feel that the heaven is right under your feet. Not only foreigners but also Vietnamese all around the country want to come here at least once in their life to immerse totally in the mighty nature. For those who are enough adventurous and healthy, trekking to Fan Si Pan, the rooftop of South East Asia will be an incredible choice.

Furthermore, Dong Van rock plateau with Lung Cu Peak is another marvelous destination for eco-tourism. Besides that, your North Vietnam Cycling can reach many forests and caves in Ha Giang Province to contemplate a wide range of creatures and find out mysteries of each place. For instance, Fairy Cave has its name deprived from the legend that fairies used to bath in the stream here.

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Unique culture of minorities in North Vietnam Cycling

Your North Vietnam Cycling should include visiting special markets, at which many featured cultures and customs can be found. Most exciting one must be listed is “Khau Vai Love Market” held monthly on 26th and 27th in Lunar Calendar. It is the occasion for both single and married people to look for a suitable life-partner and share their viewpoints in the future marriage.

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Although this area is small with lower living standard than other regions, the cultures are of the most diverse, partially expressed by a variety of festivals of each ethnic groups. For example, Long Tong festival in January is the pray for good harvest throughout the year; Throwing Ball competition plays a crucial part in people’ belief to bring harmony for couples, etc. Other traditions of tribes here are rain ritual, son ritual, celebrating success, crossbow-shooting competition, which create occasions for exchanging public feelings, transmission of moral and emotional aspirations.

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And of course don’t forget the names of Bac Ha market, Can Cau Market, Muong Hum market in your North Vietnam Cycling, as they are special weekly markets. They are just one per week, and sho you a so colorful colors of clothes, special smell of food and local whisky, and unique culture and etiquette of meeting that will be frozen as  your best photo of Vietnam experience

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Cycling Vietnam in Northern is not an easy tour, but certainly a memorable one. Therefore, you should be ready in both physical and mental heaths for entirely enjoying this journey.

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