Ninh Binh Cycling Vietnam: Memories of a prime dynasty

Together with Hue, Ninh Binh is also an ancient capital of Vietnam which was the head of the first governmental apparatus of this country. Ninh Binh Cycling Vietnam can be compared with a journey to the past so that you could recall its pristine and emotional beauty yourself.


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At your Ninh Binh Cycling Vietnam, you will be told about the legend of Dinh Bo Linh, the founder of Dinh dynasty who pacified “12 Lords Rebellion” to unite the country, then laid the groundwork of the fundamental monarchy of Vietnam. Hence, history enthusiasts will definitely be eager for this cycling tour.

Attractions of Ninh Binh Cycling Vietnam

First of all, Hoa Lu old capital is the destination that should be put on your top-visit-list, because it is the heart of beauty and history of Ninh Binh. There are many temples and pagodas built to worship the ancient emperors of Dinh and Le which are the scared place of residents’ faith and gratitude to ancestors. Here bears with an epic about Dinh Bo Linh, a little boy sitting on a buffalo as same as a general to play the battling game with other boys in his village, who later became the king of Dai Co Viet (means the prosperous Viet), the name of Vietnam Kingdom in the 10th century.

Ninh Binh Cycling Vietnam

Moreover, Hoa Lu still remains the old fortress of ancient dynasties located in 3m under the ground. Based on the perfect geomancy, the fortress took advantages of nature to form an ideal destination for royal accommodation. Particularly, the outside of fortress has mountainous background, valley basement and water supply from many river branches. With a bicycle, travelers can easily find out its inside and outside structure and architecture, or stop to take photography. Ninh Binh Cycling Vietnam along emerald channels leading into cool and mysterious caves to visit temples in the limestone caves, you will be impressed by the beauty of nature as well as the astute arrangement of ancient people.

Ninh Binh Cycling Vietnam3

What is more, Ninh Binh is a marvelous venue for eco-tourism which has a great reputation of the first national park of Vietnam conserving rare species – Cuc Phuong National Park. In addition, Tam Coc – Bich Dong tourist complex is considered Ha Long Bay in land with mysterious beauty named after “the second greatest cave of the South”. With a variety of nature including mountains, forests, caves, rivers and seas, Ninh Binh is also called Vietnam miniature. Therefore, visitors can discover the typical prettiness of this S-shaped country through Ninh Binh Cycling Vietnam.

Vivid experiences of cultures and religions

Ninh Binh Cycling Vietnam not only brings taste of the past to visitors, but it also supplies them with involvement in daily life of local people who are both elegant and enthusiastic. Ninh Binh is home to many delicious dishes, especially gout meat which can be rated number 1 all over the country. The gouts here are fed totally from grasses and pure water around rivers and limestone mountains in order to produce fresh, lightly sweet and firm meat that nowhere else can provide. Other special dishes must be listed are dried rice, eel vermicelli and Kim Son wine. Unique culinary reflects a magnificent aspect of Ninh Binh and partially makes it become a heaven for cycling Vietnam.

Phat-Diem-Cathedral Vietnam Ninh Binh

Tourists who are passionate for religious architecture will be allured by Bai Dinh Pagoda and Phat Diem Church. Each of them has a distinctively excellent factor expressing the features of religions. Bai Dinh Pagoda is the center of Buddhist in Vietnam as well as the biggest pagoda in the South East Asia. Whereas Phat Diem Church is the mixture of Western origination and Vietnamese style, which was built of stone and wood available in mountains and forests here, taking 24 years to finish.

Tam Coc sampan day

If you want to understand more thoughtfully about its cultures and traditions, you should plan to make Ninh Binh Cycling Vietnam between February and March in Lunar calendar (about March and April in solar calendar) to participate in Truong Yen festival. You will have a strong feeling of the flourishing emperors in this occasion.


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