What you need to know about Vietnam Cycling Holidays


Initial information about Vietnam cycling holidays

Before deciding to make a Vietnam cycling holidays, you need to know the overview about some specific factors, such as the weather, the topographic, the scene, the culture, etc, of this country. This information below will supply a glance at this S-shape country so you can make a plan for your journey.

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First thing you have to mind in your Vietnam cycling holidays is picking the right time to travel. The climate of Vietnam is very diverse because this country stretches along many latitudes. It’s different sharply between the north and the south: when the north is subtropical, the south has tropical climate.

Vietnam cycling holidays

From November to March, the north is cold and rainy, therefore, you may have difficulty cycling, especially in village trails. In the south, it’s sunny all time, but from April to October, heavy rains with thunderstorms could affect your trips.

If you want to make cycling tours through Vietnam, you should cycle downwind to keep yourself out of exhaustion. There are two options for you: travel from the north to the south when you come to Vietnam between October and March, and vice versa between April and September.


Vietnam has a diverse topography. Mountains and highlands locate in the North and Centre while delta is in the South. Moreover, the country also has an extensive coastline with numerous great beaches along the road, chopped by numerous hills with spectacular view to the see from cliff, and from villages. This makes the view not only rice fields but also salt pans, prawn farms, and coconut lands.

Biking Hue countryside

Vietnam cycling tours

Red River Delta and Mekong Delta are the most famous delta in this south east country, with great symbol of fertility at vast rice fields. Therefore, a section crisscrossed by a wide range of waterways will offer fantastic rides for your Vietnam cycling holidays.


There is an endless list of attractive destinations for bike touring. You can enjoy the cool and pure atmosphere in the countryside or discover buzzing cities and ancient towns. The contrary among the cities and the countries here will take you by surprise.

Some destinations in Vietnam cycling trip that you should put into your list are the capital with more than 1.000 years history, Hanoi; the most active city Ho Chi Minh with the nearby Cu Chi Tunnels and the historic  Ho Chi Minh Trail, the beaches and resorts of Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, the stunning Ha Long Bay, and the ancient cities Hue and Hoi An. Connecting them are the backroads across villages without hints of engine vehicles are the best for a life time trip.

Vietnam Cylcing Tours - Biking Vietnam - Vietnam cycling holidays

There are some places that are unaffected by massed tourism and still unspoiltly charming, such as Binh Ba island, Ke Ga island,…  All sorts of activities can be enjoyed in and around these places, including biking, boating, and hiking. What you need to do at the moment is just planning your best Vietnam cycling holidays!


As well as the geography and scene, the cuisine in Vietnam is of the most impressive in the worth. In Vietnam cycling holidays, you will have a chance to relish a lot of special food in the village which can’t be find anywhere else. The food is also ubiquitous, from hawkers, street side cafés, and top-end hotels.

Vietnam cycling food

Our Vietnam cycling holidays welcome you and your family. Why should you hesitant? Take your bike and mark a life time experience right now!

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