Mountain biking rules in your trail – General Vietnam cycling tips


Introduction of mountain biking rules

Our following mountain bike rules will minimize the humankind’s impact on the environment along with promoting the friendly relationships. These relationship are applicable for each trail user through creating the safe environment. By biking under these rules, you may help to ensure your trails access in the local communities which will hopefully grow and continue developing.

Six mountain biking rules you should know

#1. Open Trail Riding Only

Respect road and trail closures. You should ask in case of feeling uncertain while avoiding trespassing appeared on the private land. Otherwise, obtain the necessary authorization, including permits if required. In fact, your riding way may influence the management policies and decisions of the trails.

#2. Do not Leave a Trace

The second place of our mountain biking rules should be dirt sensitive, especially for the place beneath you. You should recognize different construction types of trails and soils while practicing cycling with the low impact. The muddy and wet trails are considered more vulnerable for you to damage.

Whenever you see the soft trail-bed, consider choosing different riding options. Also, it means being on your existing trails yet, do not create new ones. Keep in mind not cutting switchbacks and ensure to collect all things you have packed in.


#3. Have your Bicycle controlled

Inattention for only one second may cause problems. Therefore, you should obey all recommendations and regulations on the bicycle speed.

#4. Yield Trail always

Let all fellow users of the trails know you are coming. The friendly bell or greeting is considerate to work well and do not startle others. You should show your own respect while passing, simply by stopping or slowing a little bit to the walking pace.

Next, anticipating other users of the trails around corners as well as in some blind spots is a useful mountain biking rules. Yielding here means to slow down, be ready to stop if applicable, establish communication then, pass safely.

#5. Try not to Scare Animals

Almost all animals can be startled by the loud noise, unannounced approach or sudden movement. This fact will be indeed dangerous for all of us. So, you should give animals enough time and room to well adjust to your appearance. At the time passing buffalos may use the special care as well as follow directions of the riders, you are suggested to ask if you are not sure.

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You may agree that disturbing wildlife and running cattle is the serious offense. Let’s leave gates when you found each of them.

#6. Plan Carefully

Know your riding area, equipment, and ability then, prepare accordingly. All of us need to be always self-sufficient. It means to keep the equipment in the good repair, as well as carry all supplies to serve for any condition or weather changes. The wonderful-executed trip can be your satisfaction yet, not other’s burdens. Always wear appropriate gears for your safety, comprising of your helmet.

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As a matter of fact, our riding way today may shape our trail access of mountain bikes tomorrow. May your part enhance and to preserve our image and access to sports by simply observing these below mountain biking rules? Provided that fact, they are widely recognized all over the world as the common code of conduct for all bikers.

Therefore, our mission should be to promote the mountain bicycling activity which is socially responsible and environmentally sound.

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