12 motivations to cycle in Vietnam anytime

I believe there is someone said: “Travelling on a bike is always better and happier than traveling on foot”. And I believe he or she has their points. The feelings of winds go through your hair while you are cycling on those ancient Vietnamese streets and roads are so peaceful and relaxing. For a while, you will temporary forget all of your problems in life, blend in the street to dodge people and vehicle like a game. That’s a true bliss.


Honestly, grabbing a bike in Vietnam is an excellent way to explore a destination. You can move from place to place faster and easier in those narrow streets. This way will let you travel further and experience more during your trip than walking everywhere or sitting in a car. There are truly no disadvantages to going with a bike, and you will find it more valuable for your money and time. You will find below further reasons to demonstrate how amazing to take a bike in Vietnam:


#1. Good for your heart

Vietnam cycling

Vietnam Cycling Tours


Regarding the BHF (British Heart Foundation), approximately 10,000 deadly heart attacks can be prevented every year if people try to do more exercise and maintain a good shape. Two hours of cycling per weeks will decrease the risk of heart attacks, less than 50 percent of people who do no exercise, according to the research.

#2. More creative ideas will come to you

There is a research points out that 25 minutes of exercise will cause to one extra unit of creative ideas per session. It shows you another way to find solutions when you hit the wall. Get on a bike and cycle to take the ideas out.

#3. Calories burned

Vietnam Cylcing Tours - Biking Vietnam

600 calories are burned per hours when you are cycling. This way is much further more than a regular walk (150 to 250 calories per hours). For more details, a normal cycle (8km/h) burns more calories than a rushed walk (3km/h). No need to count.

#4. It’s romantic

In Vietnam, it’s always a romantic scene of a couple on a bike on their date. It’s not too slow to get to the destination, but not too fast to interrupt your talk. However, they should ride in the countryside or at the time of low traffic. Otherwise, it could be a disaster.

#5. There are tons of people cycling with you

In Vietnam you might find more motorbikes than bicycles at big cities. However, at countryside roads where view are fantastic, culture are more authentic and people are more friendly, they are poorer and you absolutely will find more bicycles. It’s an amazing experience to cycle with them at the trails of Vietnam.

#6. You will be surprised of many things in Vietnam

You may know these songs – “Happy New Year” by Abba, the groundbreaking hit “Hotel California” by Eagles and more. You might stop listen to them for long, but they are Vietnamese favorite songs for karaoke and even entertaining at home. I’m sure you get the point.

#7. Street foods are your fuel

banhbeo Hue VietnamWhen you are traveling, especially to Vietnam – a heaven of street foods, you will indeed want to try them all. Thanks to cycling, your calories are burned quickly, making you feel hungrier and have more room in your stomach for all of the street foods like noddle, bread and sticky rice than before. Awesome.

#8. Time-saving on traveling


With a bike, you can go further three times than walking with the same effort of time and energy. I believe on a trip; you always want to see as much as you can while saving your energy for other stuff at the destination. It is like you can are eating baguette, spring rolls, and noodle at the same time.

#9.  Make you look younger

At Stanford University, some scientists have discovered that cycling on a schedule can help to defend your skin to UV rays, which ease the progress of aging. Spending time on exercise also create collagen for your body to make your skin smoother and younger. In order to extend the youth of your look, have a bike for yourself now.

#10. It even enhances your bedroom life


Everyday exercises increase your vascular strength, which turns into improving your libido, according to US heath expertise. Some experiments in Cornell University even show that doing athletes regularly will help to have the two to five years longer sexual life. That’s great!

#11. Endorphins

Vietnam Cylcing Tours - Biking Vietnam

Just like every other type of exercises, cycling helps to regenerate good-feeling endorphins that help you feel better and relaxing. An easy stress-released method.

#12. Vietnam is one of the most favorite destinations in the world


Hue cycling Vietnam

To touch an authentic culture

Great foods, friendly people, stunning scenery, unique coffee, fascinating history and plenty ancient sites – you will find everything in Vietnam. And you will get even more with a bicycle to explore all of them.

If you feel motivated and can wait to grab a bike and explore Vietnam, let’s get on board with Mekong Trails for the best cycling trip. You will experience everything of Vietnam with the best moments on a bicycle. What more will you look for further than this?

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