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If you are an adventurer and new holiday conqueror, Mekong delta cruise is waiting for you to discover. River cruise enthusiasts will have a comfortable choice to explore the great variety of landscapes in the fascinating Vietnam and Cambodia. Let’s have a quick review on how Mekong delta cruise becomes so attractive to many visitors.

Mekong delta cruise


Mekong delta cruise – information about the river and delta

For your information and inspiration, the flow of Mekong starts from Southwest China through all the mainland South-East Asian countries – China, Burma (Myanmar), Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and end at Vietnam before pouring into the sea. The river and delta are the connection among many countries and commerce, moreover, it also links diverse culture and history. To have greater insights and experiences of Mekong, the best way for you is the river journey through Cambodia and Vietnam, which has unique and fascinating lands.

From the very beginning of the flow, Mekong has its marshy source in the highland of Tibet, then flows down through China’s Yunnan province and forms the Myanmar-Laos border. The flow then curves E and S through Laos before making Laos-Thai border. When coming to the Cambodian plain, the river receives water from the giant Tonle Sap Lake during the dry season, whereas in the rainy season it reverses the direction then flows into Tonle Sap.

The final destination of the Mekong flow in Vietnam is the Pacific, which 9 estuaries form the prosperous plain. The delta crisscrossed by many channels is one of the greatest rice-growing areas of Vietnam as well as the whole Asia. This region is a fascinating area for you to discover, with the richness of nature and culture as well. The 5,000 km of the waterway has made it an endless channel for river activities with whole towns floating on rafts, lush tropical plantations, and gardens.

Mekong delta cruise

Start your Mekong delta cruise right now

Phnom Penh is a designated international port and the Mekong River is navigable by large vessels for 350km (218 miles) upstream. From the North of the Cambodian border, the Mekong is navigable in shorter sections as far as the Khone Falls, a series of rapids over 10 km (6 miles) long.  It is time for you to start the Mekong cruise for exploring yourself the beauty of Khmer civilization through Angkor Wat history. More and more to learn about its depth of culture.


As we know, around 60 million people live, work and play on the Mekong nowadays. Fish from the river comprises Cambodia’s single largest source of protein and it is rightly called the rice bowl of Vietnam, as it is on the fertile lands of the Mekong River Delta that the Vietnamese people grow half their nation’s agricultural product. Mekong Delta is also a hub for Vietnamese and Cambodia culture and a major transportation route for residents living in the Delta. From floating markets selling fish, coconut candy, tropical fruits, vegetables and flowers to bee farms that line the river, the Mekong throbs from before sunrise to after dark with bustling economic activity.

Mekong delta cruise

Those are the reasons Mekong Delta cruise is one of the nicest river cruise in the world. It becomes hotter and hotter destinations among luxurious travel experiences. What do you wait for more? Book one trip and enjoy one of the most beautiful and charming river cruises of the world!

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