My Mekong Delta biking exploration – Diary of a cycling traveller

Diane Underwood recently shares her incredible biking journey to explore the Mekong Delta with Mekong Trails. Please take time to enjoy Diane’s memorable experience of Mekong Delta biking exploration.


Journey to Mekong Delta

Diane and her friend, Simon Markus, booked a bike tour of the Mekong Delta with Mekong Trails, just some weeks before her very first journey to Vietnam. Although Simon had severe wounds in a motorbike crash the last visit, he was in Saigon and ready for the bike adventure of three days. Thanks to such ideal solution of the team, Simon rode Mekong Trails’ electric bike to look at the actual ride’s beauty.

The first day – Mekong Delta biking exploration

Mekong Delta biking exploration

We walked, rode and even animal rode to the Mekong Delta’s narrow lanes. The biking gets through the thick jungle of rice paddies, coconut groves, banana plantations, and cacao farms. The children were nearby happily greeting us and we say back to all of them.

After a long ride, we had stopped at one cacao farm, tried the strange and sour fruit with its white flesh, chewed some of these beans, before they can become chocolate. This activity is a laborious. It’s great to hear this is one of the finest chocolate sources in Vietnam to produce from cacao to chocolate bar. The special thing is that you can indeed breathe deep right in the Delta region’s clean air, where the coconut and banana trees can open up only enough for you to bike through.

The first night, we chose to stay in the unique hotel located on the Binh Hoa Phuoc Island with the pier leading to the river. In its dimmer light, we saw a fisherman checking the nets, pinks in the softer reflections and beautiful northern sky of the Mekong. That scene was so beautiful to us, and we made a shot.

The second day – Mekong Delta biking exploration

After an adequate rest and breakfast, pleasant but short bike ride, we crossed that river by a ferry boat with one surprised and relaxed captain. Then, a long ride in its unique tropical warmth in the morning, we had come upon the oldest church in the rural area where a huge Jesus statue welcomed all of us with its open arms. After that, our cycling guide gave us the fresh watermelon, dragon fruit, and mangoes.

Back in above jungle, like a kid again, we sped down some unknown paths while pedaling through rain showers, puddles as well as getting a little muddy. Next, we stopped at one welcoming house which the genuine handmade feast served by several local women. The rain has been compensated by the delicious food with banana fritters, spring rolls, rice, braised duck, a slightly sweet and unique coconut, etc. How tasty these dishes were!

The last day – Mekong Delta biking exploration

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We floated through some famous river markets in Can Tho province where many floating vendors sell goods from their boats for centuries, long before cars and trucks offered different delivery routes together with roads and bridges were built.

Before we came back into bustling Saigon, we visited an ornate temple of the Buddhist funded by many families in the world such as Long Beach, Melbourne, Houston, etc. displayed on the walls.

We keep the pictures and want to share all stories. We hope to do one more Mekong Trails rigorous Mekong Delta biking exploration while climbing the tropical, lush, and beautiful mountains.

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  1. Sarah Ebner
    Sarah Ebner says:

    This sounds a lovely trip – and a brave one to do after suffering a crash so shortly before. Love the idea of this unspoilt natural beauty – and the surprise of the ferry man!

  2. Megan Jerrard
    Megan Jerrard says:

    A a bike tour of the Mekong Delta with Mekong Trails sounds like a fantastic way to see the region. Really brave of Simon to head out on a bike adventure after his motorcycle incident – I hope he’s ok!

    Biking in Vietnam sounds like an amazing way to immerse yourself in the landscapes, and really take in the region. I would love to do the same. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. BonBon
    BonBon says:

    An interesting way to explore a destination!!! Keep sharing your adventure; always good to know people out there, doing what they love to do:) Happy and safe travels.


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