Mekong cruise trip advises: Introduction to Vietnam and Cambodia route

Before starting your trip to Mekong Delta, first of all, you have to prepare background understanding about all factors of this region such as climate, economy, politics, people, etc. It will help to enhance your trip quality as well as your friendship and understanding with the countries. Therefore, these Mekong cruise trip advises may be useful for you to some cultural and social differences you will encounter.

These Mekong cruise trip advises have been designed to supply helpful suggestions to get around obstacles along the journey. There is something that you have to take note: The cruise portion of this tour is best described as an expedition cruise. Some certain aspects of the cruise may become beyond our control, while you will sail in comfort on a ship with all the modern amenities. Furthermore, water levels or extended stops at border crossing may lead to some delays and changes in the trip, which requires your flexibility and patience.

Some general Mekong cruise trip advises:

  1. Visa regulations: To entry into Vietnam and Cambodia, westerners need tourist visas. The visa for Vietnam can be obtained prior to your trip whereas the Cambodian one can only get at the border, which needs one passport size photo and $25.00 per person application fee. This amount is only in cash and no way to pay by credit card. Moreover, you should note that your passport has at least 3 empty pages so as not to encounter any unnecessary problems at the border. It is the most convenient for travellers to obtain Vietnam visa at arrival, which is called VOA (visa on arrival). In travelling with Mekong Trails, travellers feel free about this as we organize this for all of our travellers.

Read more: Visa on Arrival for Vietnam visa.

  1. Customs regulations and duty-free: Visitors who enter Vietnam and Cambodia can take total money up to $10,000 and are requested to declare it on arrival. One more thing to be noted that the amount taken out upon exiting must be lower.

Travelers are also required to declare all precious metals, jewelry, cameras, radios, videos and unexposed camera and video film which they plan on taking back on the journey. Although actual check rarely happens, you can be asked to prove that you carried all these items with you. Besides that, you should keep exchange receipts for all the foreign currency you have spent when leaving the country. Remember that the import and export of VND are forbidden. On departure from both Vietnam and Cambodia, you cannot rely on duty-free facilities because the amount is limited. You are allowed to bring 200 cigarettes or the equivalent in tobacco and cigars and a reasonable amount of perfume. You might find these Mekong cruise trip advises too detailed; but they will be helpful when you face the custom officers.


  1. Vouchers: When you travel as an individual, the vouchers can be paid service. If you travel in a group or set program, vouchers will not be issued. Whenever included, vouchers will be listed on the check-off list which is sent with your final documents.
  2. Air tickets: If the tickets are issued by us, they will be comprised of your final documents. When tickets are issued directly by the airlines, you may receive them under separate cover. Please consult your check-off list.
  3. Departure taxes: Please note that the airports in Cambodia and Vietnam may charge a departure fee which can vary from $15 to $25. Therefore, you should keep some cash in hand.

Mekong Cruise

We hope that this initial Mekong cruise trip advises will make you have great preparation and make your best cruise trip ever.

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