Mekong cruise preparation – the preparation from insides

It can be assumed that cruising would be one of the most excellent experiences for you compared to any other form of travel. On the other side, whichever means of travel you choose, your enjoyment will rely mostly on the positive attitude and perfect preparation. To help you get over impediments on the trip, this article will introduce some typical Mekong cruise preparation.

Mekong cruise preparation

First of all, what you have to bear in mind is the challenge-accepted willingness because a lot of obstacles may happen on this kind of journey. The change in weather, the diversity of culture, the difficulties of traffic jam are some particular issues that you may face too. Therefore, let’s be ready in both physical and mental aspects before making Mekong cruise.

Some brief information for Mekong cruise preparation.

  1. The primary Maritime Law: The first thing that you have to understand is maritime law. If the pilot is the one who has ultimate right to operate everything, in a ship, you have to listen to your captain. He will also be responsible for your safeness and satisfaction of the whole journey. All the change in the sequence of stops, ports, etc is within captain’ jurisdiction if he deems it necessary due to inclement weather conditions, high or low water levels, dock and lock schedules, technical reasons etc.

Moreover, it’s also the captain who can remove unruly passengers, quarantine the ship in case of disease and similar. Hence, there may be some changes in schedules although we expect sightseeing of all the major stops and attractions. The possibility that the sequence of touring may be altered to take into account the operating hours at museums, galleries and monuments can truly happen! Note that sailing conditions and other factors can lead to change in shore excursions. All such instance needs your understanding and cooperation so that the trip can smoothly continue.

  1. Know where you are. Do not compare things you see by American or European standards. The experience here is totally different and unique which you cannot find at anywhere else in the world. Consequently, the comparison just makes things worse and prevents you from enjoying the wonderful Mekong Delta.


  1. Cultural differences: Mekong River flows down to many countries with different kinds of culture, the economy as well as policy. For this reason, you may experience some huge differences, especially in the cultural aspect. If you let your political view control the feeling of Mekong beauty, you can’t enjoy the true point. On the other hand, why not travel with the open mind and immerse in this colorful life. Let your sense of adventure lead you to discover the myths about people, cuisine, history and culture here .
  2. Service: Regardless of how poor or good the service is, try to take it easy and keep your sense of humor. Because you represent for your country to visit another, try to love and not to hate there. If you face things really unacceptable, please share with your cruise managers who always manage things to make sure your trip should be the best made ever.


Mekong cruise preparation

So, we think the Mekong cruise preparation should come from preparation insides our mind, our view point as well as our acceptance of new things. That’s also the spirit of adventure. Welcome, enjoy, touch and feel the richest culture river cruise in the world.

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