Mekong cruise must-do – Mekong River Cruise Tips

You are very excited for your trip to Mekong now and nearly complete your packing. However, there are still some Mekong cruise must-do things as below that you need to have a look at!

Prepare health set

In order to enjoy your Mekong cruise, first of all, you have to be ready on health set. To most Westerners, when coming to Mekong, they sometimes face stomach issues and intestinal upset. You can’t totally contemplate the beauty of nature as well as immerse into the region life without healthy condition. Therefore, let’s prepare remedies such as lope amide, so you can minimize discomfort and carry on your trip.

Be careful with insect

Mekong cruise must-do

Apart from health problem, you should be aware of some others factors that should and shouldn’t do, so that you can have a wonderful journey. For instance, if your journey plan includes trekking and camping, don’t forget insect repellent. Tiny gnats and fire ants can be bothersome (especially around temples) and make you annoyed, thus, bringing the bug spray is a wise choice. Moreover, you shouldn’t tease the monkeys on the jungle because they sometimes may be very aggressive.

Deal with crossing streets

It’s a huge problem for foreigners to cross the streets in Vietnam, especially in peak time. In this case now, traffic rule is not of the most crucial one, you have to be brave and strong enough to make a decision when crossing the street! In the major burgs like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, crossing the street is as hard as taking an exam. Reassure yourself that crosswalks (zebras, as they’re called here) are meaningless and you are better letting the motorbikes go around you. Let them go around you meanwhile you keep walking on a slowly pace! Another choice for visitors is waiting until a local family crosses, and then you can merge yourself into their group.

Ready for the heat

You all know that Mekong Delta has tropical weather, but you will not foresee how hot the weather is! Even in the “cool” season, the Mekong Delta has three level of temperatures: hot, hotter and hottest, as the way local people say. As a result, let’s be ready for it. Short, T-shirt, skinny jeans are kinds of popular clothes here. Don’t forget to drink much water as well as eating fiber.

Carefully select foods

There is one quote for you: Be an adventurous but smart eater. It can be said that cuisine is a crucial part of your Mekong cruise must do list, however, allergy with food can affect your trip. You had better tell the travel agent carefully about your allergy status. You also should inform the cruise manager as well as the food manager on the cruise so they are alert about this.

Moreover, you’ll also find interesting “fusion” cuisine, like Khmer-Pizza and Khmer-Mexican on the journey. Prices are very reasonable, even in big cities. When purchasing food from street vendors, let’s cautious about hygienic standard.

With these Mekong cruise must-do things above, hope that you will be more informative and get ready for your next trip.

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