What’s on a Mekong cruise itinerary – Mekong River Cruise tips


What are good Mekong cruises?

It will take two weeks or more to have a Mekong river cruise land tour. This tour includes several overnights aboard ship and nights in hotels. Most of Mekong cruise itinerary start and end in Vietnam, so you can flexibly choose the destinations you love there to visit base on total budget. On the journey, if you would like the cruise-only portion, let’s prefer the whole week trip offered by the Jahan. For more information, some of cruise companies offering Mekong cruise itinerary also includes Siem Reap flight and Mekong sail.

Mekong cruise itinerary


Along the journey, you will observe a specific of nature and people, for example, Hanoi’s Museum of Ethnology and the Killing Fields; and major markets and rural villages along the Mekong River, which all have the charm and ancient beauty. When coming to other stops, it may vary slightly. Let’s have a look at the itinerary of Viking River Cruises when they include a visit to a local orphanage in Kampong Cham, while AmaWaterways adds a stop at the English-language school in Ta Toum. Moreover, travelers also have a chance to visit where local handicrafts made.

More add-ons for the Mekong cruise

Ha Long Bay is the crucial destination that most of travelers want to visit. The sparkling beauty of this surreal seascape of limestone pillars makes it become basic itinerary, together with AmaWaterways. If you don’t take Ha Long Bay as an important part, you can choose another line in which Ha Long Bay is just an extension to their cruise, at added cost. Another typical extension is Bangkok, which takes you several hours by air to get to. Therefore, it makes sense to stay as long as you can, if you have enough budget and time.

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It will be very meaningful if you choose a line that include destination where the whole communities live in floating villages on the water. For these places, they are equipped with floating schools and completely self-sufficient. You can find here anything you want as services stations, stores, videos clubs, etc. All activities happen on water! Moreover, you will be able to walk through local markets and visit stilt houses where families still employ traditional methods to weave fine silks, or to make pottery and other traditional handicrafts. You will see fishermen casting their nets, and ferry ladies rowing their boats using their feet. It will be unforgettable memories to you.

One suggest strategy for you to have a good Mekong cruise itinerary is taking a look at what you want to have included in the cruise fare and how much you want to spend. Then, prepare your spirit throughout these days so that you are always in the high mood to do everything and enjoy the whole day to explore new things.

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