Cuisine is a specific factor of culture that you have to relish whenever traveling. For those who choose Mekong Delta as a destination for relaxing, its diversity of food is the thing you cannot ignore in your journey. Below are some featured of Mekong cruise food that you must try:


Mekong cruise food – Lunch and dinner

  1. Fish and pork in clay pot: this is often the fishes or pork or both of them in the clay pot. This is cooked in caramelization process with some fish sauce and coconut flavor. The taste is so good and this is often served with steam rice. Among Mekong cruise food for lunch and dinner we recommend here, this fish and pork in clay pot ranks the first so don’t miss this.

  1. Tai Tuong Fish (Elephant’s Ear Fish): This kind of fish is easy to find in Mekong Delta as a typical meal of inhabitants. The specialty dish with elephant’s ear fish is the lightly fried, crispy served upright, with its scales and teeth still attached. When trying this fish for the first time, its crunchiness and fatness will make you sharply impressive. You can eat directly or assemble a spring roll yourself with the fish meat and herbs.

Mekong cruise food

  1. Mekong sour soup: Mekong is a hot land and eating should help the body to be cooler. And this dish is for that magic function. The soup will be cooked with fish and additives like pineapple, tamarind, fresh vegetable. Those will make the soup the beautiful sour flavor which can help to make the body cool down.
  2. Grilled “climbing” fish: This is for some trip between August and September in An Giang, a town in between Cambodia and Vietnam. Att its water way, you can extremely enjoy climbing fish which are the most delicious ones in this area.
  3. My Tho vermicelli: Despite having Chinese route, My Tho vermicelli now changes a lot to suit people’s taste and gradually become a cuisine of My Tho residents. You can easily distinguish My Tho vermicelli with Nan Yang vermicelli from noodle and broth. The main ingredients of it are meat, pig’s intestine, pig liver, sliced barbecue pork, dried shrimp. The mixture of aromas and ingredients will impress and delight you by many ways. If you cruise on your own in Mekong Delta, you will find this vermicelli is the most common among Mekong cruise food.

Mekong cruise food – things to contemplate your appetizer.

  1. Tropical fruits: The tropical climate of Mekong Delta has brought to it a wide range of fruits all year round. Not only famous for rice supply, this area is also well known as a hometown of fruit in Vietnam. There are some suggestions for destinations that you can experience Mekong Delta fruit. You can think of Phong Dien (Can Tho), Cai Be (Tien Giang), Tam Binh (Vinh Long), Cho Lach (Ben Tre), Tan Quy (Tra Vinh). These places are with the famous brands of fruits like Hoa Loc mangoes, Hau Giang oranges, Vinh Kim star apples, tangerine Cai Be, Vinh Long grapefruit, Cai Mon durian, etc. Some interesting eco-tours are offered here for visitors to have experience with rice paddies, fruit orchards, flower growers, and riverbeds.

  1. Coconut candy: When coming to Ben Tre, the first thing you have to try is the coconut candy, which is the traditional handicraft of residents. This type of candy also brings a major commodity for economic benefits as well as becomes a feature of Ben Tre.
  2. Pia Cake: A sweet and soft cake made from durian of Soc Trang can make you remember for a long time. Traveling to this place, you will both have a chance to take part in the bustling festival and enjoy specialties of three ethnic: Kinh, Hoa, and Khmer.
  3. Purple Tet Cake: You are looking for a colorful cake to stimulate taste? Purple Tet cake of Can Tho is suitable for you with a beautiful appearance. Moreover, its inside will take you by surprise.

Those are Mekong cruise food that we strongly recommend you to try when cruising around. Please kindly take note for your next trip. Hope that you and your family can greatly enjoy the cuisine here.

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