Mekong cruise advises: Travel items to prepare

In the previous articles, we knew about necessary procedures and information about Mekong cruise. To completely enhance the quality of your trip, you had better take note some advanced portfolios in the Mekong cruise advises below.

Mekong cruise advises

Things necessary for Mekong cruises

  1. Luggage tags: Please use your luggage tag if you want them to take the same vacation you do. The tags can be designed to allow various destinations on your list. Remember not to discard them and simply cross out your previous location and write to your next destination. This thing will help staff of cruising ship to deliver your luggage in the shortest possible time.
  2. Square luggage stickers: If you are provided with square luggage stickers, please stick them visible on your suitcases. This will allow you or our guides to quickly recognize them.
  3. Badges: Wearing badges at all airports, hotels, transfer points at any time you are embarking the ship will allow you to get to know your fellow passengers sooner. Moreover, your badge is also a sign to help cruising staff provide adequate security on the vessel by identifying you as a group member to othe guides, staff and security personnel.
  4. Pen and travel bags: You will definitely fall in love with the travel bag despite how bad looking it is. The bag is superbly designed to hold everything from your documents to cameras to water bottles. The pens are also the unique ones that people like to use.
  5. Surprise gift: We may include a special gift for you which depends on your travel destination and time of year. The gift can be a hat, an umbrella, “cool shades” or include a surprise gift, even a winning lotto ticket.
  6. Clothing suggestions: The dress, of course, should be comfortable and informal. This makes you feel confident and convenient. However, there are some cases that you need to wear formally like dinners in restaurants, the Captain’s dinner, and entering Buddhist shrines. In that time, a pair of long pants or dresses below the knee (not shorts & t-shirts) is required.

For all activities along the day, to avoid heat and humidity, lightweight cotton, shorts/t-shirts are suggestions for you. In the dry season, long sleeves may be needed, when it can be cooler in the early mornings and evenings. You should also note about the weather to bring a lightweight raincoat, rain poncho, waterproof jacket, and/or an umbrella if needed.

  1. Shoes: Mekong cruise advises suggest you to pay much attention to footwear. A comfortable pair of shoe and a pair of flip flops are necessary. Mekong cruise will involve extensive walking during visits ashore. You need to feel relaxed and enjoy the trip! At some cases, we will ask you to kindly remove your shoes when returning to the ship. There are occasions the river banks and paths are very dusty or muddy. Suitable footwear aboard the ship would be sneakers, deck shoes, tennis shoes and similar rubber-soled shoes.

Mekong cruise Vietnam - Mekong cruise advises


With these Mekong cruise advises and portfolios, we hope you can enjoy your trip and completely get relaxed from daily stress.

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