What are great at Mai Chau?

Mai Chau is located 135 km south-west of Hanoi in the Northern province of Hoa Binh. Mai Chau is one of the key destination in the North of Vietnam with attractions at country side peace, trekking trips across villages and terraced rice fields, the traditional music and dance, and the magic wine to allure the even the coldest hearts.

The place also s famous for tourists with cycling at trails across beautiful rice farm, meeting happy local people of hill tribes. It provides cozy homestays with special food on the house cooked by Thai tribal people.

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The community has a population of about 47,500 inhabitants that belong to different ethnic minority groups such as the White Thai, H’mong, Zao, Muong, Tay, Hoa and Viet. The Mai Chau hill tribes are warm and welcoming, and famous for their handicrafts – in particular for their skills in embroidering clothes.

Although most tribal people in Mai Chau no longer wear traditional costumes in daily life, they still keep their ancient culture alive. The way they build their stilt houses, the way they cultivate rice on paddies flooded by streams and water wheels, and the way they raise fish in small ponds near their homes, all remain unchanged.

Mai Chau offers a most splendid vista of the Valley which is surrounded by lush greens and stilt houses inhabited mainly by the White Thai ethnic group. The Sunday market brings a lot of people into town where traditional Thai dishes are made and revel in traditional dances.

The place takes two days at least for a trip as it needs three hours to drive there. the trekking in th eth emorning or the visiting local houses inthe afternoon are th eamazing experience you can keep for a special Vietnam adventure. If we don’t have time for a longer one of 3 or 5 days to Sapa, Mai Chau is a great choice for the trip to the mountainous area out of Hanoi for only 2 day trip.

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