Background Information on your Vietnam Cycling Trip

Vietnam nowadays is far different from the country of wars, unlike the imagination of many foreigners. This Southeast Asia country has been the land of tourism, which has wonderful conditions to make Vietnam Cycling Trip.

Vietnam Cycling Trip

This article will supply more profound information so that you can understand considerately about the culture, customs, traditions, and people of Vietnam and enjoy meaningful time together.


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 Culture to face at Vietnam Cycling Trip

Vietnam is home to about more than twenty featured festivals (including traditional and religious ones) throughout the year. Among them, Tet holiday is the most important festival in the year, which heralds the advent of spring as well as the new lunar year. In this occasion, Vietnamese will celebrate a lot of manners, for example “li xi”, which means that the old will give money in red envelopes to the children with the aim of bringing them more wishes and luck in the new age.

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In addition, Vietnamese appreciate the guests who visit their house in the first date of lunar year, and believe that they will have a great impact on the owner’s luck in the whole year. This custom, which is called “xong dat” in Vietnamese, is of the most significant beliefs and reflects the relationship among people in relative or neighborhood. Would you like to have a cycling trip and become this first guest in Lunar New Year?

On the other hand, the unique character of many festivals in Vietnam is the compound of both raucous festivity such as fireworks, drums, gongs, and quiet meditation. Vietnamese show reverence and adoration for ancestors by worshiping and thinking about them in crucial events or before making principal choices.

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Making sense of these vital points in Vietnamese culture will inspire your cycling trip and help you get on well with the residents lifestyle. If you want to have more experience about this S-shape country, you should set up the cycling trip plan on festivals.

Language and Art to learn at Vietnam Cycling Trip

Many travelers say that when hearing Vietnamese in the first time, they feel like the people are singing! The intonation of Vietnamese is very diverse, especially with the tones of North people. To learn Vietnamese is not simple at all, because it is exceptionally flexible, lyrical and complex. For those who are eager for Vietnam cycling trip, greeting in native language whenever bumping into local residents is a wonderful experience. Even though people are busy with their farm work, they will say hello or “xin chao” back to your greeting.

In Vietnamese linguistic, poetry always plays an important role with lots of forms, which becomes a part of the daily activities of people. Local residents, whether the old or the young, treasure poetry and consider it an art of living that helps them communicate with others in a charming way. Therefore, learning some Vietnamese traditional poetry before making cycling tours is a good idea for you.

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Religious architecture to admire at Vietnam Cycling Trip

When travelling by bicycle in any province of Vietnam, you will meet several pagodas with unique architecture, which have momentous meaning in Vietnamese spiritual life. You can make your cycling trip become more memorable by visiting some famous pagodas to admire the significant architecture and perceive the Buddhist philosophy. Occasionally, pagoda is a tower comprised of a series of stepped pyramidal structures and frequently adorned with lavish carvings and painted ornamentation. There are many richly-carved statues inside, symbolizing the presence of genie. It can be said that the form of pagoda reflects human desire to cross over the gap between the limitation of earthly existence and the perfection of heavenly forces.

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These are the attractions of Vietnam for cyclists who fall in love with the deep-seated culture and history here. Not only admiring the scenes and enjoying the food, but you also collect a wide range of knowledge and passion when making Vietnam cycling trip.

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  1. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    I really love the pagodas. Are they something you can visit and see the inside?

    It sounds like a cycling tour is a wonderful way to see the country side and speak with locals. It looks fun and beautiful!

  2. rachel
    rachel says:

    I love the freedom that cycling gives you when exploring a city or new place. With so many festivals and religious buildings to see, cycling is a great way to experience them.


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