Hue Imperial city with traditional cultural values of Vietnam

Hue is an elegant city in the middle of Vietnam. Hue Imperial city  is really a gem in Vietnam trips as its values are identified: the peaceful city view with a charming river goes across the city, the cultural value from ancient architecture which the Imperial city, King’s mausoleum and the local house arrangement, the foods that are at artistic level, the lifestyle of people who reserves the pride of living a capital of a Kingdom named Vietnam.

advices for cycling Vietnam

The must do activities on a trip to Hue Imperial city that we can recommend:

  • Boat trip on the river at sunset.
  • Walking into the citadel and see the beautiful ruins of the ancient architeture of Vietnam.
  • Cyclo along the the wall of the Imperial city.
  • A walking at the park along the river or into the Dong Ba market to see the local life.
  • Visit Thien Mu pagoda to enjoy the Zen atmosphere.
  • Visit the King’s Mausoleum and explore their phylosophy of life.
  • Visit the local villages and locla houses where they make conical hats, incense sticks, copper handicraft, and
  • Sit down at some coffee shop at the parks along the river and feel the coffee with condensed milk.
  • The cycling to the countryside of Hue to the rice farms, to the fishing villages and beautiful largoon.
  • Attend a royal dinner party when you can see yourself kings and queens among th eatmosphere of Vietnam Kingdom long time ago. Royal music and royal food will amaze you in the way of decoration and special performance.
  • And many others.

Hue is a unique city in Vietnam where you can see more trees than people, as well as more bicycles than motorbikes.  We hope you have  great experience here.

Hue Imperial city

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