Hue Cycling Vietnam – The trip to Imperial Heritages

Hue Cycling Vietnam – For those tourists who love Cycling Vietnam to historic places, Hue is an awesome destination to visit. This city is the ancient capital of Vietnam, which saw the glories of the Nguyen’s emperor and many legends about the dynastic custom and culture.

Hue Cycling Vietnam


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When making a Hue Cycling Vietnam here, you will witness the beauty of nature landscape as well as the unique architecture, although lots of its greatest buildings were destroyed in Vietnamese war. Nowadays, Hue still remains the royal’s lifestyle in almost all features, from the traditions, the cuisine, the landscapes to the characteristics of the people.

Highlights in Hue

There are many interesting things for a history buff to admire about this former Royal Capital. Not only does Hue have a wide range of outstanding sights such as: pagodas, emperor tombs, monuments, but it is also the kingdom of cooking and cuisine decorating art. One of the most famous destinations in Hue is Perfume River, which owes its name to the fact that it brings a pure and fresh aroma when flowing through many forests of aromatic plants, before reaching the central of Hue. Therefore, it is said that without a boat excursion on the gentle Perfume River, a visit to Hue would not be complete.

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Hue is one of the religious, cultural and political centers which origins imperial traditions as well as material and spiritual values of Vietnam. Many poets and songs were comprised here due to the fact that the artists derive their strong inspirations from the elegant beauty of nature and people in this old capital.

Specialties of Hue Cycling Vietnam

Hue is well-known for the romance atmosphere and the elegant style of the residences, so when making Hue Cycling Vietnam here, you will have chance to experience these extraordinary things. Below are some places that you have to put on the top list of your biking plan.

Visiting Hue Citadel and Tombs

The four citadels that were comprised to form the capital are Imperial City, Forbidden Purple City, Inner City and Mang Ca Garrison. Each of these citadels has a distinctive architecture for specific purposes: Imperial City for royal palaces and shrines, Forbidden Purple City for royal residences, while Inner city and Mang Ca Garrison for exclusively ancient architecture.

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With a bicycle making a Hue Cycling Vietnam, you can easily travel around these places to witness exotic and majestic beauty of Hue Citadel and Tombs. You and your partners can rediscover the world of the emperors of 13 kings of Nguyen dynasty, from Gia Long to Bao Dai. Hue Cycling Vietnam is an impressive experience about the power of the vanished Vietnamese feudal empire.

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Perfume River tour

There is no result for not making a Hue Cycling Vietnam tour along Perfume River, which is the soul of the romantic Hue. This river flows through a series of beauty-spots taking tourists to contemplate every corner of the city. Besides that, your Hue Cycling Vietnam can experience wonderful bridges along the river such as Da Vien, Phu Xuan, and Truong Tien Bridges, as well as visit the tomb of Minh Mang, Hon Chen Shrine, Thien Mu Pagoda,… If you want to hit the water and feel the aroma sharply, you can park your bike and hire a boat to make an excursion.

The water here is green and picturesque on a clear day, atmospheric even in less flattering weather. Especially when the night comes, the surface of it is twinkle under the moonlight and the colorful artificial lights. It is also the time when you hear the songs of the boat rowers breaking the silence, which can inspire the artist soul of any travelers.

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  1. Stefan
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    Definitely agree about the romantic atmosphere in Hue – we love it as a gay couple travelling there. And it’s such a cool city as well – great memories here :)

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    Vietnam is one of the destinations I would really want to visit next time I go to Asia. Cycling is a really good way to do some sightseeing, I really love the idea. Your post is very informative with beautiful pictures! :)


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