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Cycling to beaches in Hue Cycling Vietnam

Hue is the complex of forests, mountains, rivers and even beaches. Among the most spectacular beaches are Thuan An and Lang Co, which have limpidly blue ocean and white silky sand under the twinkle sunshine.

Hue Vietnam

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Moreover, some mineral hot springs available like Thanh Tan in Phong An, Phong Dien will be the heaven for tourists to relax totally after a long cycling day. Furthermore, your Hue Cycling Vietnam can help to participate in many local activities such as hooking, playing beach volleyball, or just lying under the wildly beautiful beaches.

Cycling to old villages in Hue Cycling Vietnam

Would you like to have a cycling tour back in time to contemplate the wildest sights of old villages? Let’s do Hue Cycling Vietnam to Quang Dien Village right now! This place has the preserved lifestyle and old school agricultural practices for centuries, so you can feel the scent of the past when biking along village paths.

Hue Cycling Vietnam

This amazing ride will help you escape the hustle and bustle of the noisy modern Hue for a peaceful countryside with fresh air and friendly locals. The most interesting activity is joining farm work with local residents so that you can thoughtfully know how hard to produce rice and rise castle. Moreover, make your Hue Cycling Vietnam ride to Tam Giang Lagoon before the sun sets to take part in fishing harvest with fishermen in order to be taught how to cast fishes by a fishing net. Later, you can also help them sell these products to night market before riding back to the city. How amazing it is!

Hue Cycling Vietnam

Enjoying the art of music and cuisine Hue Cycling Vietnam

Royal music and cuisine make Hue outstanding from the other places of this S-shape country. Especially in 1993, UNESCO proclaimed the Royal Refined Music as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, which is the pride of the people here. Nowadays, royal music includes two kinds: “Dai Nhac” and “Nha Nhac”, which are played in formal occasions only. To play the music, the musician have to be of the most skillful and talent ones. On your Hue Cycling Vietnam trip, don’t miss this.

Hue Cycling Vietnam

On the other hand, the cuisine of Hue flourishes to become a magnificent art of decoration and savor. Besides, consuming Hue’s food also means that you taste the flavor of emperor cuisine a long time ago. There are five dishes that you must try when cycling to Hue city, including: Com hen (rice with baby clams), Bun bo Hue (Hue style beef vermicelli), Banh beo (water fern cake), Banh khoai (delicious pancake) and Mam tom chua (sour shrimp sauce), let alone more than 50 kinds of sweet soup (or “che” in Vietnamese). Therefore, you and your family can enjoy all features of the ancient dynasty when making a Hue Cycling Vietnam.

banhbeo Hue Vietnam

Come to Hue, and even discover more than we can say.

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