Understanding Hoian weather is a rather important point to have great experiences there as you can expect.

About Hoian Ancient Town

Vietnam tour - Hoian weather

The Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Portuguese and others has made Hoi An in Vietnam a stopover for their business line on the Pacific in 1595. In the 18th century, thanks to the great location among Pacific, the depth of the river, and the open-door policy of Vietnam Kingdom, this town was regarded as one of the best trading port in Vietnam. Hoian was well known as an ancient port town of peaceful beauty of Vietnam. This town now has been acknowledged as the World Heritage by UNESCO for preserving the local life style since then. Though the time passes by, the historic sites in town have still stayed in its shape and ambiance. Together with its authentic life style, Hoian is easy to welcome visitors from all over the world. However, are you sure what is the best Hoian weather to make a best trip ever to Vietnam?

Brief on Hoian weather

Holidays in Vietnam - Hoian Weather

Despite of being divided into two seasons, the warmness is usually available in Hoi An with 29˚C in average. Moreover, the dramatically varying rainfall requires travelers to know exactly what the wet weather is so that they will stay dry along the trip.

  • February – April: pleasant temperature without high humidity
  • June – August: the hottest time of the year
  • July – August: period of the full moon
  • September – January: rainy period (the wet condition is at peak in October and November)
  • November – January: the coldest time (19˚C – 24˚C)

The dry season

This season starts from February and ends around July. Hoian then is with more sunshine. The unavailability of rain this time has help Hoian to get less humidity. From June the hot weather is more and more and make time under sunshine from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM not comfortable at all. It is good to have a cap on walking tour or cycling tour around. Drinking more water is also good under this tough sun. If you plan to have beach time in Cua Dai Beach, remember to put more sunscreen to your skin. The temperatures about 34°C (93°F) will be big potential to get sun burn for a very quick time. In another angle, you will get tan very fast with this Hoian weather at this time.

Hoian weather

Recommended activities:

  • If you choose to travel this season, there are a lot of interesting activities waiting for you.
  • Diving or snorkeling in the Cham Island from May. The hot weather will support you when you are in the water. The strong sun also help to make the corals and the reefs brighter.
  • Have beach time at night and enjoy great full moon here. Remember the moon is only available around 15th of the lunar calendar month. You can check this with some local people.
  • Have seafood at the stalls near the beach. It is wonderful to have lovely swim in one of the best beach of Asia and have the freshest seafood ever.
  • Cycling along the trails at the villages around Hoian Town. This could be great from February to May. If you plan to do this after May you absolutely need a hat if you don’t want a sunsick in your Vietnam tour.
  • The midyear refreshment festival happens in 5th May (around June in Gregorian Calendar). The local Hoian people will eat special cake and have some special bath as a ritual to kill bad insects for people and crops. Boat racing is impressive to enjoy at this time in Hoian river.
  • Around September you might face Full Moon Festivai. This festival is for children. The Old Town welcomes travelers with sparkling colored lanterns and the cheerful atmosphere of traditional music. The festival happens in 14th August in Lunar calendar (remember festival in Vietnam is often made it into Lunar calendar only). You can check this with your travel planner whether your trip can happen then.
  • Other activities you can hear about Hoian town. Please have look at the best things to do in Hoian.

The Rainfall season

At the rest of the year from October to February, Hoian weather will face more raining. It might rain half day, or the whole day. Storms and floods are also available at least one or two times each here. Unluckily this is most likely travelers from Western countries to come to visit Vietnam. Nevertheless, the beauty is still there and you will enjoy Hoian anyway. You even can see things that are special which might be only in flood season.

Hoian weather

Most of activities at dry season can make your trip beautiful, except the snorkeling, diving and beach fun.

At storm days we don’t recommend walking in the old town. The tiles at the roofs are hundreds of years old. This might be a danger under the strong wind.

The above information is for helping travelers to briefly understand Hoian weather. In case you need a more detail about Hoian and other destination of the country, please send us your message. We are glad to help.

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